Why am I doing This?

I have never written a Blog in my life. So why am I doing this? What’s possessed me to put my thoughts, triumphs and failures on the Internet for all to see? Simply I wanted somewhere to document my going green journey and to see if anyone out there has any tips or tricks they’d like to share.

To be honest I’d never really thought about the impact my lifestyle had  on the environment. I just lived my life going for what was continent and cheep and living without a care. Then a few months ago in March I was bored on night and in trailing pintrest and YouTube for some small space storage ideas ( my bedroom is rather small and I hate clutter) I stumbled across this YouTube video of a woman interviewing a girl about my age who lived a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle. The 3-minute video got me interested in what it was all about so I looked into it more and in doing so it got me thinking about the amount of waste I produce and made me realise how much waste i was actually producing without even thinking. I was turly horrified when i thought about it. And during my reserch i noticed how some easy and simple changes could dramatically reduce the impact I was having on the environment.

Now that’s not to say that I want to live a zero waste lifestyle and be able fit 2 years worth of rubbish in an old jam jar. Whilst the idea would be great if I could it’s simply not feasible for me to do this for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons is my job. I work in a care home where the amount of landfill clogging rubbish is extremely I’d you take into account the number of income pads a single person can use in a day or even the amount of gloves a carer can go through getting just one person ready in the morning. These things are unavoidable for me and are types of waste that I simply wouldn’t get rid of as they are there for infection control and protect against harmful diseases.

However I am aiming to drastically reduce my personal waste production. Which is where this blog will come in. I plan to use this blog to document my for reads into eco friendly. Organic and sustainable living options and in the process make my life better and greener. So I hope all those who read this blog enjoy it and get a laugh and maybe some helpful advice along the way.


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