Washing Buddies

So before I became more eco conscious, I used to use those varying coloured puff ball things that seem to come with every shower gel set on the market these days, which I suppose is required since in my experience they never last longer than a couple of months before their falling apart in my hand as I’m trying to shower (not so great).


Now as I said, they come with every shower gel gift set on the market these days so I always  had a bunch of them sitting in an old makeup bag, waiting to be used. The trouble is I don’t actually like them, the material that there made of (and if anyone can tell me what that is that’s be good.) irritates my skin, to hell and back. So getting tired of having itchy skin all the time and in an effort to find a more sustainable option for my bathing needs I took a leaf out of my workplace’s book, I work in a care home where we use face cloths on a day to day basis and so I went out and purchased some.

Which I have to say work great, and suit my needs perfectly. Now whilst the face cloths I have purchased, from B and M and Asda are not necessarily ethically made, they have been holding up longer than those annoying little puffs have and at £1.99 for three from B and M and £1.50 for 2 from Asda, I have to say it’s falling into eco conscious (ish) and affordable category  for me. At least they did a few months back when I wasn’t really sure what else I could use instead of the puffs.

Now having looked around I have found other things that suit different needs better. For washing my face specifically, I’ve found that a Cellulose Sponge works best for my face particularly when removing makeup, Boots in the UK, stock a pack of 2 for £3.99, in their Botanics Range of products.

I have also recently purchased and by recently I mean at the beginning of the week, a dual sided face cloth from boots botanic range, where in once side is made from a super soft bamboo fiber and the other side an eight character Hemp. (I honestly have no idea what that means). buts its good because it both exfoliates my skin, which I am struggling to do with my cheep and cheerful face cloths, and I helps sooth it at the same time. Win win right? Trouble it, this face cloth is £4 a pop and you only get one. So safe to say I’ll still using my unethically made terry towel face cloths as well as my bamboo and hemp one.

Thought in saying that I also have my eye on a cellulose Drench Sponge, that the body shop have in stock, as I rather like the small facial cellouse spoges that I have for my face.

Though if none of those things are to you liking and you are crafty, you could make your own, cotton puff ball. I’m a avid crochetter and stumbled across this when I was looking for a new project to do. crochett puff Pattern, on a blog called AddSomeStiches. I thought this looked pretty cool, but have yet to actually make it as I need the right kind of wool/yarn whatever you want to call it. But as soon as I do and i’m finished the scocksI am currently working on I will get right on it and let you know my opions on it.


If anyone else has any eco friendly washing buddies (as my sister calls them) let me know, i’m always happy and excitied to hear and try new things, that might suit my going green jouney better.






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