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Farming Goodness

This week I have been on holiday in Fife,well actually a lovely little cottage in Kilrenney just outside Anstruther. And yesterday we had the pleasure of going to the local cheese shop\farm where they make chees. Its a family run farm and cheese brewery?  Please correct me if I’m wrong on the terminology here.

The shop is self is called  St Andrews farmhouse cheese. And when you walk in it a lovely rustic cafe with s counter filled with lovely cheese! You can then go through the back to the viewing room where you get to see whatever part of the cheese making process that they happened to be doing at that point. You can then watch a DVD where the family. ( The sweaty family who own the farm) explain exactly how they make their three types of cheese. Which are Anster mature, Anster mild and St Andrews cheader. Safe  to say im that much of a cheese lover I bought a block of each.

After that we went to a shop called Address farm shop and honestly I was in love. The shop was right up my street and was full of locally produced products alot of which could be bought package free if that’s what you wanted to do.

The shop it’s self is another family run business run buy the Pollock family. They sell alot of locally produced and sourced products y some of which is artisan. (I would kill of their bread I was delishious).

I loved the look and smell of the shop and despite not being able to buy much as we had nowhere to store it and it wouldn’t last the fours days and 2 and a bit hour journey we had to get back home I was very impressed. And even my mother who is queen of convenience and didn’t much care what her food is wrapped in was impressed. It’s a shame that this little gem of a store is so far away from Glasgow as I would quite happily have moved into it!

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