Im a Lady Who Lunches

So I, like alot of people. Work. I unlike alot of people am a workohlic. I mean really desipte the more unpleasent and often stressful nature of my job I love it. I spend probably 70% of my time at work. Which means alot of breaks. With it be breakfast. Lunch or dinner. Or in the case of my doubleshift fetish all 3 in one day.

So being eco concious how do ingo aboutbuying and or taking my lunch to work? Easy. Sort of.

I love a coffee before i start work but the nature of the job means that often im flung in at the deep end even if i come in 10 minutes early for the purpose if getting the coffee (particularly when i start at 7am….)  solution a to go coffee cup. I make my morning coffee at home and drink it on the way to work abd simply wash it when ibget to work. The one im using just now is an Ecycle cup from aladdin. Which is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled at larger recycling services in scotland. When the time come for me to replace it. I got it for a steal (£3) in my local asda and it purple (my faviourite colour.) It an okay mug and is a good size but i have had some slight spilling issues when getting it in and out of the cup holder in the car. Still for e poinds i can’t grumble much and for the most part it dose the job without too much issue.

My next break if i’m on an early shift is breakfast. I am a typical Scot in the sense of I like my parritch. (Porrige). I take this in a small stainless steel snack container that i got as part of a lunch set from a company called styilla london. The set included the small chutney tub as they called it and a bigger stainless steal lunchbox. The set i purchased for £10 from amazon. I also eat a banna which i buy losse from the shops.

Lunch comes next and the way i pack that varyies with what im having. If im having salad or pasta then I my my syllia london lunch box. If im having somthing with more liquid like soup or somthing then i use old jam jars that I saved when the jam was done. I also have a singular killner jar I bought when i first thought about my zero (more like hevily reduced) waste journey. Sandwhiches and rolls are easy as i simply wrap them  in a cotton napkin that i tie with a bit of string to hold it all together.

I drink alot of water. I mean by the gallan and if im out and about or taking lunch to work i usually use my stainless steel lifesky bottle. Which i love i carry it everywhere with me. It keeps my drink cool for up to 12hrs which i fantastic considering i work in a care home with underfloor heating that is on all the time…..

And finally to carry all my yummy and sustianlbly packed lunchables i use a very cute lunch bag i bought from the dotcomgiftshop which is made using recycled plastic fibers and can also me recycled.

So there you go my eco friebdly lunching for work. I love the way i pack my lunch as it means my containers never get pinched by my collouges and i get to have some coolconversations with people about why i pack things the way i do even if it means i get a lot of weired looks and giggles a lot of the time.

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