Moving Home Ethically

Now over in last, 2 months I have moved home twice. Well I’ll rephrase, I’ve moved out of my parents and then back again…Yea I know it didn’t last long, but what can I say, my ex shouldn’t have kept secrets that were let’s say were a pretty big deal. But anyway I digress.

When I was packing up my stuff to move out of my parents home and in with my then boyfriend. I was conscious of the fact that I have been trying to live as waste free as possible. So how do you move house or in my case out of a bedroom and into a house ethically?

Well the first thing I did was to Massively Declutter my room. Seriously I was genuinely surprised by how much stuff I’d managed to accumulate into one room. I really could have filled a one bedroomed flat with just my stuff alone I think! The method of decluttering I used was the Konmari method. Which I highly recommend if you haven’t tried it. I discovered it after looking on Pinterest for organisational inspiration and whilst I haven’t actually read the full book. ‘The life changing magic of tidying up.’ I got the jist of it. Basically if something doesn’t bring you joy when you hold it, be rid of it. It worked for me.

Second thing I did was head to work. Now you maybe asking why I would head to work when I’m thinking about moving my things from one abode to another. Easy fact is, I work in a care home. Care homes get Inco pads by the boxful. I know exactly where those unneeded boxes go once those Inco pads have been distributed to the residents. So I asked the Handyman to save me the empty boxes from that months order. My boss looked at me a little weirdly as I was leaving that night mind you, but he’s more than a little used to my Eco-girl ways by now that he just shook his head and laughed. But I highly recommend going to your local care home or supermarket or wherever and asking if they have any boxes you can use.  The good thing was that when I came to clearing out my wardrobe at my then boyfriend’s I was able to use the same boxes to take the discarded clothing to the charity shop. cardboard-box-cropped

Once back home with my lovely new boxes I set about actually packing my stuff away. The boxes I used mostly for my books I have a lot of them, and even with the Knomari way of decluttering I still had a lot of them, I’m an old fashioned bookworm and love nothing more than to hold a book in my hand, though I am a good girl and buy most of them from charity shops, and return read ones to the charity shop too.

Next came my clothes, those went in my suitcases and rucksacks. (I do a fair bit of traveling). I suggest if you don’t own enough suitcases, them asking friends and family to borrow some whilst you move might be a good option.

Pile of vintage luggage

I also have a lot of special ornaments that during my decluttering didn’t get donated due to the memories attached to them. Most people would have wrapped them in bubble wrap. Not this girl, I used my clothing, bedding and towels, to do this job and I have to say it worked perfectly.

Other methods of storing things included using the storage boxes I already owned, and simply put them in the car. and as I’ve said before Scotland has a plastic bag charge in place, so I’m sure a lot of you like me will have more reusable bags than you know what to do with, so I used them for transporting things as well.

So there you have it, my attempt at moving ethically (Twice). I think I did not too badly if I do say so myself. considering the second time I did it without the use of the cardboard boxes from work. But none the less I am back with my parents again and am concentrating on saving up to afford my own place.






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