Crochett Bath/Shower Puff

So In my Washing Buddies Post I posted about, a crocheted Bath puff that would make a great alternative to those, shop bought, itchy, horrible, nylon? (please correct me if that’s wrong.) things.

So I Used the pattern which I stumbled across the pattern, on a blog called Add Some Stiches, whilst I was mindlessly surfing the web one night for something completely

unrelated I might add. Either way I thought the pattern was funky and rather easy to follow, if I do say so myself (I’m a relatively new crochetter).

So having went to Anstuther for the week, at the beginning of August, I knew I’d need something to occupy myself in the evenings, since we were staying out in the middle of nowhere.Having no cotton, (Organic or otherwise) in my yarn stash, I made an excursion to my local Haberdashery. Now low and behold, she had a few balls of Debbie Bliss’ Eco baby. cotton in her clearance bin. She had three balls of it all reduced to £2.00 a ball. Safe to say I Bought all three and was rather happy with myself.  The colour she had was Duck Egg. (Not that colour really bothered me at that price).

I like that this cotton is also fair trade as well witch only added to my simple joy. the yarn it’s self comes in a 50g ball, and in completely recyclable packaging too. If you’d like to purchase some you can do so here. Love Knitting have a verity of colours which my local Haberdashery didn’t.

So I saved the pattern to my bookmarks on my tablet, packed the cotton and my hooks and away I went on holiday. I have to say that the pattern was ridiculously easy and enjoyable, to do. I could do it of an Evening, whilst still being able to chat to my family. Thus allowing my to keep my twitching hands busy and still socialise at our yearly family gathering.

So I was away Seven Days, and I did this a bit every night. I reckon it took me less that Seven hours. Baring in mind that I was chatting and there may or may not have been alcohol on a few nights too. But I did complete it, and had fun doing it. My family members are even wanting one now. My cousin going as far as to order five for Christmas gifts for her friends.

I did change the pattern slightly, in that the pattern called for 4 rounds. Using a 4.25mm (Size G) hook, whereas I used a 4mm hook, and did 6 rounds, only because I wanted to finish the ball of yarn.

So Here it is my home made Bath puff. I have yet to try it out in the shower or bath, mostly because it looks so pretty I don’t want to get it wet. But I’ll get round to it one day no doubt. If you want to try the pattern yourself you can get it here:  Crochet Bath Puff Pattern.








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