Out And About

A Little Excursion

So today I made my first trip to the Wholefoods Market. Living in paisley we have one that’s about a 20 minute drive from my house. So since I was in need of more nuts and in an attempt to buy them package free. I went to whole foods. I took my handy little Onya bags with me and away I went.

I have to say I was very impressed with the place. it was lovley and the staff were so helpful, since I came in looking rather lost and out of place. The boy at the customer service till explained to me how buying the bulk bin items worked. Since in Scotland supermarkets don’t usually have bulk bin stock.

So I went round the shop and had a look around everything before I decided what I was buying. I already knew before I went that I wanted to buy Cashews and Almonds since I practically live off of them. So they were quickly purchased and put in my little Onya bags. Another Snack I like is popcorn and I was surprised ad pleased to see popcorn  in the bulk bin so quickly added them into an Onya bag too. I also bought some dried banana crisps in the bulk bin too.


Whislt there I also bought a large tub of vanilla yogurt since I eat that regularly as well. Among my other purchases were, two turkey and kale sausages (Which were fantastic), A bar of organic, paper wrapped chocolate, and some pink lady apples, oranges and pears. They also had some anster cheese, so I bought a small block of that as well, as I know it’s a locally made cheese as I’ve been in there cheese shop where they make it.

Whislt I was there I also picked up a new stainless steel water bottle, by a company called Chilly’s. To be honest I mostly because it was purple and I love purple. I also got some stainless steel snack boxes, by a company called kids conserve. Which I love!

My final purchase was some natural toothpaste. I’m curious to try this, as it’s thus far the only toothpaste I’ve found to come in a glass jar. It is supplied with a plastic spatula thing which I’m a bit annoyed at, I mean is it really neassesary? probably not but we will wait and see when I open it.

I did hit a bit of a snag when I got home and realised that I had bought way more nuts, popcorn and banana crisps than would fit in my jars. I now have two jars filled with everything from the bulk bins, but I dose mean that I won’t have to go for a while, and will have more than enough to last me. I think next time I got i’ll just take my jars with me and fill them up rather than the bags to avoid having too much of things. Still my make shift pantry is nice and full now.


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