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So the other day I was taking my sister to her dance class . When I decided to take a stroll to he nearby retail park to whittle away the 2 hours i had to wait till i had to pick her back up again. Now normally i simply browse the shops amd never buy anything since I buy all of my clothing from sustainable sources such as charity shops or from ethical suppliers.

But having wondered into the retail park i noticed there was a new cancer research uk shop.


And it was huge! I was very impressed with the layout of this new store. Normally the charity shops i go into are tiny little shops with stuff all crammed into it in mismatched disray. And whialt i normally enjoy the rumage nature of thse shops. I was impressed that this one was large enough to be laid out like a regular fast fashion shop.


Everything was neatly orginised and the cloths were all in rails acording to size and item. Where as im used to charity shops being orginised by size only. It was honestly refreshing.

Having spent an hour browsing i walked away with. A new shirt for work. Two necklaces and 2 books for £6. I was rather pleased with myself. So please infact i almost forgot i was to walk back and pick up my sister!

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