Bucket list


So whislt this post isnt necessarily an eco or zero waste post its somthing that id like to share in an attempt to get me to actually do it. That is my bucket list. Most of these things arnt as i said zero waste or eco friendly at first glance but they are things id like to do either before I settle down into domestic life or before I die.

For me some of these are things to help me build my confidance. After being in a long term relationahip where homsetly i was made to feel like a second class citezon and then a rebound realtionship where i felt trapped and made to feel like property rather than aperson. My once blooming confidance is shot to peices and i need to get that back before i can ever think of another realtionahip.

Others are simpley experiences I want to enjoy within my life at least once. I hope that posting it here will encorage me to do theae things and i can record my updates here as well as anyways that ive managed to keep the experiences zero waste.

So here it is my bucket list:-

1. Go to a movie alone.
2. Go to a bar and order a drink alone.
3. Have a meal alone.
4. Go abroad alone.
5. Try somthing new.
6. Run 5k race.
7. Try rock climbing.
8. Try sky diving.
9. Go on a zipline.
10. Start a blog.
11. Take a private horse ridding lesson
12. Take a pole dancing lesson.
13. Learn and other language
14. Hick a mountian.
15. Go on a spotunanus journey.
17. See the northern lights
18. Live on my own by the time im 28
19. Go to NYC
20. Go to skye
21. Go quad bikeing/ go karting
22. Go to tennesse or texas.
23. Visit notredam catherdal.
24. Be set up on a date by a friend.
25. Live a zero waste life style.
26.  Go skye diving/bungey jumping
27. So to a wine tasting
28. Date someone younger.
29. Make the first move.
30. Road trip with friends.
31. Visit celtic conncetions
32. Buy a full wardrobe from secomdhand stores.
33. Buy myself flowers.
34. Give somone my phone number.
35. Window shop and not buy anything.

Also if anyone has any expeirnces of doing any of these things I’d love to here of it!

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