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Whey Aye Man!

So back in June my best friend upped sticks and moved to Newcastle (How dare she!) and since June I have been down a couple of times to see her, but Monday was the first time i’d been down since, starting this blog. So I thought I’d share with you my little over night stay!

I was thrifty using a lot of Zero waste tips too limit the waste I Produce. Such as stainless steel travel utensils and my hand packed food for the train journey’s, Utilising both my coffee cups and my stainless steel water bottle. I even Managed to go zero waste with my train tickets by being able to have them on my phone, via the train line app. This casued a slight issue at the Glasgow ticket barriers, resulting in a ten minute argument with the guy guarding the barrier…but none the less I got through (though a slightly more annoyed version of me at the other side), This also prompted me to print of my return ticket, which kind of defeated the purpose of being zero waste (Boo me), I contented myself with the fact that I can recycle the tickets. I also know that not every journey purchased thought the train line app has the mobile ticket option, but it was handy too know that some journey’s did have that option if I (or anyone) else wanted to use it.

Once at Newcastle I had a Brilliant time! Newcastle It would appear are doing a Similar thing to Paisley’s Lions. (I had thought it was a thing exclusive to Paisley’s 2021 bid for city of culture, I was wrong) They Have snowdogs, which are amazingly adorable.


It also made for a fun Zero Waste activity for me and my friend to do, whilst we were walking from bar to bar and place to place, during my visit. We didn’t however make a point of doing the full 61 dogged trail, as we simply wouldn’t have had time during my over night stay.



So My friend knowing my greener nature as she calls it, took my to a bar called the botanist. This place had a tree in the centre of it. An Honest to god tree growing in the middle of the Effing Bar! I was stunned! and amazed and for some reason giddy. Not only way this place stunning to look at, they did fabulous drinks. Me being a whiskey lover, went straight for their Cinema and Oregano Old fashioned and it’s was delish!


During the day we spent the morning, visiting the Great Northen Handcock Muesuem, which was fun. We then went trailing round the charity shops and to my amusment, my friend was amazed at the quality of stuff (and prices) and ended up near enough buying a whole new wardrobe for about £50 quid. She was happy and I was secretly pleased that she had realised how good shopping in the waste stream can be.  I by the way only walked away with a top and book. (I’m a good girl I am!)

After a day of history lessons and Shopping we went to this amazing Tai restaurant called Zaapp. We got to eat dinner in a car shaped booth. I was immensely impressed by this and the interior of the restaurant looked as though it was a real Tai street market. It made for a truly fun dinning experience. I Have to say I really enjoyed my first time eating Tai food my Pad Tai was really yummy and more-ish.


All I all I had a really good time and In the next few days I’ll do a separate post on how I try and eliminate waste from my travels.





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