Traveling Zero Waste

So as promised I am writing a post about how I managed to keep my over night trip to Newcastle last week as Zero waste as possible. See what I got up too Here.

First off as I mentioned in my last post, I used the trainline app to book my tickets. And for the journey I was going on they had mobile or digital tickets. Great No paper! all was well until I hit the Glasgow barriers, where the lack of paper ticket caused a bit on an issue with the frankly grumpy man guarding the gates. Despite me showing him the ticket on my mobil he refused to let me through the barrier and continued to argue with me for a good ten minutes before he let me through. (Sometimes I wish Scotland had a system similar to the London oyster cards, I seriously love those) So me fearing yet another issue at Newcastle station, I printed my tickets off in central station. (I was more than a little annoyed at this, I had been doing so well being zeros waste thus far. Still I consoled myself by reminding myself that the train tickets could at least be recycled.

I also resisted the urge to take my car down to Newcastle, which would have been £20 in petrol, as aposed to the £49 train ticket. Main reason for this was not actualy environmental but, confindance related, I hate driving in a big city I don’t know especially when I am in the car on my own. But it was as an added bonus a slight greener option even if the reason for it wasn’t inherently green.

When I came to packing, keeping it zero waste was fairly easy, I used a back pack I already owned, and simply used clothes that I already owned to wear. There was little reason for my to by anything new, so why would I? my current wardrobe suited my needs just fine.

The biggest Zero waste advantages came in the form of my toiletry bag.


As you can see from the above picture. I don’t use a lot of toiletries when I’m traveling. My toileteriey bag, was purchased for me, buy my mum a year ago when I was traveling up and down the country for various interviews. It’s by a company called Lola and Gilbert London. they are a little London based company who’s name comes from the Co-Founders pets. (How adorable is that?). I’m not sure what their ethics are when it comes to their printing and fabrics, but I seriously adore this bag. It’s huge! and more than suits my needs for traveling.

The Soap I am Currently Using is the Scottish Rasberry Cranachan soap by the Highland Soap company, which is a small family run business in Scotland. Most of their products are Organic and I love their soaps. The soap tin is from Lush and was given to me as part of a gift from a friend (PZW days), when I mentioned that my old  plastic ones kept cracking in my bag.

The Shampoo bar and tin are also From Lush. I use the Montalbano shampoo bar as I have fairly greasy hair and it’s made with lemons.

If anyone wants to have a look at the Lush Tins you can Here.

I have short hair, so When i’m traveling I usually don’t bother taking a brush as a comb will suffice. (Though I do use a brush day to day.) My comb is a bamboo comb from the body shop. it’s called a Detangling Comb which makes me think that it’s more for getting knots out of your hair rather than actually combing it, but it works for me so I use it how I want.

My deodorant, is a roll on from Organic Surge, which you can get Here. I’m not completely sold on this deodorant, but it was one of the first natural deodorant I’d came across when I decided to ditch the chemicals and such. But it’s doing the job right now and their website says that the packaging is recyclable which is a plus.

My toothpaste, is a brand called GeoOrganics, and is a natural toothpaste which comes in a fair sized glass jar. I got this at my last trip to wholefoods. When I travel I simply decant some into a small (plastic) tub, which I’ve had since before I decided to go Zero waste and simply continued to use because it made more sense than going out and buy a glass or tin variant when the one I had was still useable. The same can be said for my toothbrush. I have had that toothbrush since before I decided to go Zero waste but it still has some life in it, so I Will continue to use it until it’s done and them switch over to a bamboo one.

The next step to traveling down to Newcastle Zero waste was food. IT’s a three and a bit hour journey by train and I was heading down straight from work. Which meant I needed lunch.


I made myself a sandwhich before going to work that morning and wrapped it in one of my WarpEats, which I bought off of Amazon. I’m not a fan on them to be honest and usually wrap my rolls and sandwiches in a napkin and tie it with a bit of sting but mine were all due to be washed to a suffered them.

I put some water from the tap into my stainless steel bottle, and tossed some fruit into my bag. When I got to Glasgow central I bought a coffee and asked them to put it in my reusable coffee mug and away I went. Lunch with no waste which I could take on a train without adding too much unnecessary wait to my backpack.

There you go, how I travelled down to Newcastle Without too much Waste.




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