Can Shrink Wrap Be Recycled?

So I love mints, like I’m addicted to mints. Especially strong ones. But since trying  to go zero waste I’ve avoided the usual suspects. Like Terbor mints because of packaging.

an whilst I was on holiday, in anstruther I can across a brand of mints called Stwearts, who’s mints came in little decorative tins, and their mints (inside the tin) were wrapped in a bit of paper which was recyclable and I new I could reuse the tins as gift boxes or in this case, a holder for my stitch markers which were previously flung in the bottom of my chrochet bag.

So I bought two  tins whilst on holiday and have since eaten all the mints…sad times. I plan to recycle the other tin to give someone a Christmas gift, hopefully if I have something that will fit in it.

But I had a problem, i’d ran out of mints! and with no shops near me that stocked Swearts mints, I was left wanting for my fix. Until my dad came to the rescue, knowing I wanted mints in a tin, (He didn’t really get why, since he doesn’t understand my attempts at waste elimination) but none the less he came through and got my Altoids mints which do in fact come in a tin. Yey!

But even my dad was surprised to find that the tin came wrapped in shrink wrap plastic…The hell? I mean why? like really why? Dad says they used to just come in the tin with nothing round it, why the hell would you put plastic round it?

To be honest it’s making me feel rather sad, since I feel like ive added unnesssraryly to my rubbish production when I could have waited till I next went into some kind of Scottish gift shop and looked for the stweart mints.

So My question is, if anyone can answer it, is can shrink wrap be recycled in Scotland at kerbside or dose it need to go with carrier bag recycling at bigger stores? or is the offending shrink wrap destined for my non recyclable non compostable trash?

Or if anyone know if it’s compostable them great but I doubt it is, is it?



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