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Fright Night, Zero Waste Style

So now that I’ve recovered from my Halloween adventures, this weekend, I thought I’d share with you what I dressed up as for Halloween, and how I made it as Zero waste as I could.

First things first, I guess is what did I go as? Easy answer,  A Minion. Here is a little picture of my results.



I wanted my costume to have a very low waste product if it was to have any at all. I also wanted my costume to be as low cost as possible. I also had very little time to come up with anything. That didn’t mean I didn’t have a few ideas ranging from where’s wally, to Dobby the house elf!

But I found it hard to get the components I needed for some of my other ideas, in a zeros waste was, in the short time I had available to me. What was I going to do? I’ll be honest and say I nearly caved and went and bought a shop bought costume! (The real Horror here!)

But on one of my little wanders around the charity shops in town, I stumbled across the dungaree dress. Inspiration struck. My Sister is obsessed with Minions (Really walk into her room and it’s a sea of yellow), the dress instantly made me think of those cute little creatures, and thus my Halloween costume seemed to come together. My mind a whirl with ideas.  The was priced at £5, and I knew it was something I could reuse in my day to day wardrobe when I was done, so I bought it. I spent another couple of hours wandering around looking for a yellow top as I knew I didn’t have one in my wardrobe, and failed to find one.

I thought well there’s that Idea out the window. But I phone call from my mum (to ask me to pick up milk) and a quick check in my sister’s wardrobe, proved that she had a yellow top I could borrow. Yey for me!

So I had the basis of a minion costume. I came home raided my wardrobe, I already had the black gloves, the same black gloved I’m sure I’ve had since I was 12. I pulled out my much loved, well wore pair of Magnum boots, begged Daddy for a pair of his black socks and I was nearly done.

My only problem was the goggles, how would I make them? luckily, for me I’m crafty, and over the years I have accumulated a lot of craft and art supplies. So a quick internet search to give me some inspiration, and nicking the day before’s paper out the recycling bin. I was ready to go.



To make the Googles, I simply took three sheets of newspaper and twisted them into tubes and them into a circular shape. I them used masking tap to bind the news paper together and to attach the too circles together, into a 8 shape, and to give me a flatter base to paint on. I mixed some black ink with white paint and painted, leaving them to dry over night. for the band, I took some shoe laces out of a pair of boots and tied them round the ‘goggles’ so that I could tie them round my head. The laces would them be put back into my boots no harm done.

So there you have it, My zero waste attempt at a Halloween costume that only cost me a fiver. and for the most part, most of the costume can be reused (or in this case returned to their owners) and the goggles, can be taken apart and the news paper can be recycled and the now painted masking tape, well I still need to figure out if that can be recycled with the acrylic paint on it, but right now it’s sitting in my possible recycling box, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. (If anyone knows feel free to tell me, I’d be happy for the info!)






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