Horder to Minimalist

Hoarder to Minimilist series 1 – The Phone.

So its been a feww weeks maybe a month since I moved out of my parents house and back again within the space of a month….

But That experience taught me alot about myself..the Biggeat thing being im a horder….like massively. When i was first clearing out my things to moved out i thought id been extreemly thorough and purged alot (which i did trust me i probably got rid of half of my belongs. In preperation to move out).

However now i’m back to one room living again. Im beginning to realise that though my friends calls me the orginisational queen, My life is chaos. Not even orginised chaos at that! (Makes me wonder how bad there lives are if im the orginsed one?)

So Ive desided to declutter my life step by step and see if decluttering and simplifying my life. Will in turn make my life eassier to manage. I’m hoping that week by week i can pick a diffrent asspect of my life and decultter it to make it more managable and de stress me a little.

The first area ive picked simply because I use it the most is my phone. It’s my life line. But its a mess. There’s unorginised photos apps and contacts. Contacts and apps i dont use or need and there about 500 duplicate photos…whislt i love my phone it drives me mental because i can never find anythimg when i need it.


First thing i did was clear out my contacts list. I deleted the numbers of exs and old colluges that i know longer spoke to and knew the likely hood of speaking to them was slim at best it made it so much easier to look at my contacts and find the correct chris.


I firstly deleted all the apps i no longer used. And then reorginised then in alphabetical order to make finding a spesific one easier. (I know that sounds basic but thats how bad my phone was…)


The photos stored on my phone where a nightmare. I have one particular frend who enjoys taking selfies with my camera…i counted 289 selfies of him on my phone….same pose diffrent outfit…why the hell was i keeping them? I them went about deleting  all the duplcate or bad pics that i didnt want to keep orginising the remaining photos into albums pertaining to the event which made storage ( and future access) essier. And i utilized my dropbox account to back them up.


This should technically go on the computer one but as i was orgising everything i did it on my phone Unroll.me was good for this it allows me to see what emails im subscribed too and delete those i no longer want. It also allows me to collect thise emails into one daily roll up. Meaning that i get one email with the others inside it. Very handy indeed.

Its been a few hours since i did all this and i have to say im impressed theres no more massive amounts of swiping to get what i need. My thumbs have already thanked me!

Keep tunned for more areas of my decluttering journey.


2 thoughts on “Hoarder to Minimilist series 1 – The Phone.

  1. I love your thoughts and actions. It seems the steps you are taking will allow you to have more energy to spend on things that actually add value to your life. My one critique would be your grammar. I am no grammar nazi at all, but I had to reread several lines and words to understand due to the misspellings and punctuation errors. Take that as love from a fellow blogger and not hate.


    1. Hello thank you very much for you comment. I’m glad you have enjoyed my posts. As for your very helpful constructive criticisms. They too are also appreciated. Part of the reason I started this blog was to improve my spelling and grammar and i am aware i still have a long way to go but i have already noticed an imrpovment since atarting this venture. Any and all advice and help would in this area would be greatly appreciate.

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