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The Gift of Giving

So yesterday it was my little cousins birthday. And the first birthday where i have consciously tried to think about zero waste gift ideas….question is howd you do that for an 8 year old who frankly owns everthing under the sun.

So my first thought was money. Which is fine because then she can get what she wants rather than somthing she (most likely) already had. But she’s a child they like to open things. What could i do?

Easy answer make somthing! Now whilst my ideas aren’t stricly eco friendly or sustainable. They were zero waste because they were made from things i had in the house already.

The first thing i made was a decopatched frame. I honestly love this. I have a collection of decopatch papers that ive acumulated over the years and the colours i chose to do this frame are simply stunning. For the picture inside i simply used some mirco pens and zentangled a design. I then used my busho pigments to create a water coloured pice of card which i then cut into a G (her initial) i have to say i loved the way this came out.


The second thing i did was rummahe through my wool stash and grab my crochet hooks. A couple of months ago my mum gave me a crochet pattern book called My crochet doll. My mum got my copy in a charity shop but you can buy a copy Here if you wish.

The book has some amazing pictures and i have to say i fell in love with the end result, she was adorable. And everyone who saw her also loved her.


All in all this gift cost me nothing but time as i already had everything i needed to make the gifts. And whislt the ingredients might not be the most ethical or eco friendly. I am a big beiever in useing things you already have rather than purchasing new things when somthing can be used first.

My little cousin loved her doll and her frame and as i said all it cost me was a little time and effort. I have to say that the gift was far more apperiate than any of the store bought gifts she got which were opened and quickly flung on the couch so she could open the next gift. Where as with my gift she took the time to look it over and come and thank me without being prompted by her mother.



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