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Minimalist to Hoarder Series – 2 Clothing

Alright guys, here’s the next instalment of my Hoarder to Minimalist Series. This time I’m going to be tackling clothing, but before we get to that I want to tell you a little story that led to a revelation for me regaurding my decluttering journey.

As I’ve mentioned before, I Have trouble letting things go. I am one of those people who think that if I have it, I’ll find a use for it at some point in time. If I had to guess, I’d say  I got this from my mother and grandmother who were both the same. (Though my grandmother had a knack for making clutter look orginised).

The day I went to start sorting my clothing something very unexpected happened. I opened my wardrobe and drawers and looked at all the stuff crammed in there. Honestly I dispared, I had no idea where to begin and as I pulled things out I got a sinking sense of dread. I thought to myself – I can’t throw that out, I might were it again and proceeded  to stuff it back into the drawer. After a few minutes of staring aimlessly at my messy wardrobe, I began to feel a real sense of panic and anxiety. I, at this point  slammed everything shut, threw myself on my bed and had a good cry.

After calming myself down, it was then I remembered the method I had used when I was clearing stuff out for moving into my ex’s. The KonMari method. Peviously I hadn’t actually read the book and had based my knowlage of the method off of what I had heared and seen online. This time I got out my kindle and  spent two hours actually reading  The Magical Art Of Tidying Up.

I have to say it was a real eye opener for me. It gave me clarity and a better understanding of what it means to be tidy. It also got me thinking about why I wanted to be tidy, and have a cleaner Enviroment , which gave me a focus and a purpose. This in turn gave me the confidence I need to actually start, sorting my things out. And let me tell you, once I started I couldn’t stop! I spent the next two days ruthlessly cleaning and tyiding my room, until it was spotless.

But I Digress, this post is about clothing specifically, so Let’s get back to that, but  from now on I will be using the KonMarie way for Tidying to write these posts. Now back to my clothes. Below is a look at what my clothing looked like before I started this process.

The wardrobe it’s self isn’t too bad, but over all it’s a cluttered mess and really needed sorting. KonMari recommends that you start with clothes when tidying up as these are the easiest to sort through. They are also the easiest items to figure out if they ‘Spark Joy’ since you should be very aware of your own style and tastes. KonMari’s Method for decluttering, states that if an item doesn’t spark joy you should get rid of it.

The first thing she gets you to do is pull everything out. I mean Everything and put it in a big pile, on the floor, or in this case my bed and the floor. I’m not even kidding, it was a sea of clothing, I didn’t even know I owned that much clothing!

After doing that (and reigning in my horror) I then had to go through every item and see if it sparked joy. Despite the sheer amount of clothing I had, it only took my a little under two hours to do this. I got rid of 7 bags of clothing, and in doing this process and it allowed me to take note of what I was keeping which gave me a greater sense of what my current style was as well, this will be helpful if I by anything in the future too. In all honesty is was a very libariating process, I highly recommend it!

KonMarie also recommends that your hanging clothes rise from left to right, I have yet to do this, I’ve organised my clothes via category at the moment, but I will get round to doing it the KnoMari way as I think it dose look nicer. All in all I am very pleased with how my clothes now look. I now love every item of clothing in my wardrobe, which will hopefully mean I wear them more often. It’s also so much easier to get dressed in the morning as I can easily find everything that I need without having to rummage through piles and drawers, and stuff a million things back into a drawer before I head out to work. It’s makes my morning more relaxed which honestly I’ve found makes my day run smother!

See you next time!


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