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Zero waste Cinema Trip

Tonight I am heading to the Cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. (I can’t wait till 8pm tonight!). I thought why not write a little about going to the pictures without creating any waste? That and my mother, whose most recent source of enjoyment is to question how I manage everything without creating waste in a mocking tone, challenged me to show her how it could be done. Honestly this wasn’t much of a challenge. Most of what I do,  I did more or less in my PZW days as a way of saving money, because really Cinema food prices are beyond a joke. In order to make it zero waste I simple changed a few things. So here’s how I keep my cinema snacking zero waste, and low cost.



You can’t go to the cinema without popcorn right? Of course you can’t, so rather than pay £5 plus for a box of popcorn when I get to the Cinema, I take some with me. Before going zero waste I used to nip into my local supermarket and by the sealed, pre made bags of popcorn, for £1 and be done with it. But now I know better and can make it even cheaper and with less waste at home.

I buy my popcorn kernels, unpackaged at my local wholefoods, and when I get home, I use my Lèukè, microwave popcorn maker, to cook it. My lèukè, cost me around £20 from amazon you can have a look at them  here if you want. I love this little device. Before I bought this I struggled to make popcorn on the stove without burning it. I was getting really dismade at it all, considering I more or less live exclussivly on fruit, popcorn and nuts for snacking.When I realised that I was failing at the only way I knew how to make popcorn without any waste, I wanted to cry. Then my aunt (the saviour that she is) told me about this little beauty, and I have to say it’s more than paid for it’s self since I bought a a mere 3 months ago, I use it all the time, it’s so easy to use. stress free popcorn for the win!

I now save a fortune on popcorn. A months supply of kernels now costing me less than a fiver, where as before I rarely, if ever, spent less than £10 a month on premade, or microwavable, pre packed popcorn. Now when I head the pictures I simply spend 5 minutes making some popcorn in the microwave and transfer it from the Lèukè into one of my Onya bags and away I go!



Drinks are easy, I simply fill up my stainless steel water bottle and put it in my bag. I usually take water or some form of diluting juice, which I usually by in glass bottles at the super market. This month it’s an elderflower cordial from blossom cottage, which I have to say I love. I enjoy anything with elderflower in it anyway, but hadn’t tried this brand, it was on offer so I thought I would and I’m glad I did.


When going to the cinema I usually also take some nuts, usually cashews and almonds, which I buy in the bulk bit in my local wholefoods. I take them in one of my wee konserve kids, stainless steel tins, which hold a 30g portion of nuts perfectly. I also always take some form of fruit with me, which I by package free, at which ever supermarket or green grocers I happen to be near when I need fruit. Tonight it happens to be two clementine’s.


Now as for tickets, to keep it Zero waste I always try to by my ticket online and just show the email or text on my phone, but sometimes that’s not an option. I’m lucky that the cinema’s near me all print their tickets on simple paper, which I can recycle. At the moment I don’t have anywhere I can compost, so if they have to print off a ticket (I always ask if they need to print it) I can take it home to recycle it rather than the cashier just throwing it in general waste where it’ll end up in landfill. I’d love to be able to say I can compost it, but living with my parents, who point blank refuse to have a compost heap in the garden, and not having a compost heap near me, I sadly can’t at the moment, maybe one day.

So there you have it, how I keep my cinema outings, Zero waste and low cost. I value that my snack have cost me no more than £2.50.  Really it’s just the cost of my tickets, which seen as it’s a Tuesday I can use my meerkat movies 2 for 1, and get my cinema ticket half price. All in all a relatively cheep, low waste evening! I can’t wait for this movie! The Potter-verse Is LIFE!! (Yes I am geeking out)





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