Horder to Minimalist

Hoarder to Minimalist Series- 3 Books

Here’s the next Instalment of my Hoarder to minimlist series. Books! Ohh boy this was a hard one. I am a complete and utter bookworm. I also have a nasty habit of buying books faster than I can read them and have had a to be red pile of 50 plus books for as long as I can remember. I will say that I have always been good at getting rid of books I didn’t like or liked but knew I’d never read again. my issue was the books I did really like. I kept them because they looked nice of my shelves. This was it before….

However when reading the Life-changing magic of tidying up, there was a particular sentiment regarding the decluttering of books that really spoke to me. Konmari  asked the reader to imagine a book shelf filled only with books you really loved. As a book lover this really spoke to me.


So to declutter my books, I stuck with the Konmari method of decluttering, pulling all the books out into one place (My bed) and going through them keeping only the books that brought me joy. That worked well for the books I’d read and got rid of one box of books….The issue was the books I hadn’t read…I couldn’t decide if they brought me joy simply by holding them because I hadn’t read them and didn’t have any feeling towards them at all. Other than the slight dread at getting rid of them. I’d paid good money for them, I felt I needed to at least try to read them. So I opted to use a different method of clearing the books I hadn’t read yet. I treated my TBR pile as if they were books in a book shop and took the time to read the blurb. If I didn’t make me want to read the book there and then, I got rid of it. This added another 4 boxes of books to my donate pile. (And shrunk my TBR pile massively.)

I was amazed at the amount of books I was giving up and was even more surprised by the lack of sorrow regarding the loos of so many books. It was so shocking I had to sit for a moment and just look at the boxes sitting to be donated. The next thing that surprised me was that when I put the books back in my book case I found that I was able to keep all of my books in my bookcase! including my self teach books, cook books and the few graphic novels I’d actually kept. Before there were books dotted about the place, and I was always pulling out various boxes and looking in different shelves for a certain book. It was nice to know that now all of my book would be in the same place and that I now only had one book shelf rather than three and four boxes of book in my wardrobe…. I also know that I will get rid of more books as I shrink my TBR pile throughout the coming year.

This was the end result. I am rather pleased!



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