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Trying for an ethicnal christmas

So I’m a little later in doing this than I’d had planned but I’ve been ill with a mild case of the flu. (Lucky me) but never mind I will do it now.  My guide to having a somewhat ethical/zero waste christmas. I wish it could be comepetly ethical and zero waste but this is my first  year attempting this so it’s not perfect. It is however i feel a step in the ri9ght direction so here it goes.

Recycling Bath gift sets

These have always been a christmas staple for me and my family. Everyone loves their lotions and potions. Except me. Im very particular about what i use. Mostly due to sensitive skin. However that being said it dosnt stop people buying me them. What do i do with all these gift sets i know im not going to use ? The answer is simple. i graciously acept and thank the giver. I then put that persons name on the gift set and place them all into a bag. And throughout the year i re gift them to people as birthday gifts but alot of them are reused the following year as chirstmas gifts. (Putting the original givers name on it mean i never give somone the gift they gave me back) I find this is a good way of getting rid of things i dont want and giving them to people who will use them is better than just putting them in the bin.



I love giving people experiences. I always have. So at Christmas time groupon and other such sites are my friend. Id much rather give my parents a meal out (which they never get to do) than some gift set or somthing that they end up forgetting about in the back of a cubord or a piece of clothing that they don’t really like and will never wear.  They are glad to have an excuse to get out of the house for a date night so it’s  win win really . I also do this for any couples im giving gifts too though the activity depends on the people im giving it too. For example a couple of friends who are a couple love lazer tag so i got them vouchers for that. And everyone always ebds up having a great time and enjoying themselves.

Making your own gifts.

This year i have also tired to make my own gifts. I went to a candle making class earlier in the year and have made some of my family memebers thier own candles. Using eco friendly soy wax. This was really fun to do and easy and they all smell delishious! I’m sure they’ll all be well received. I’ll admit my candle making suplies wernt the cheapest but it was somthing fun and diffrent for me to do so i dont mind so much and ill enjoy telling people that they are handmade when they ask where I got them.

Food and drink.

I love going to all the Christmas markets and there is usually some really nice food and drink at these things so this year I’ve been planning on getting people some Christmas market goodies. I know alot of people who like cheese so when i head to edinburgh market this year. i plan to by some people spesiality cheese and nuts and things. The same can be said of drinks. I know there is ususally a coffee stall at edinburgh market and i plan on getting some (real) coffee for my dad. and an as i have an uncle who is a gin lover ive bought him some unusual flavoured gins that I spotted at the Glasgow market as his xmas gift.

I aslo like using stores like ilgusto. Who sell varying types of alcohol and oils and things. The premis being that you buy the bottle and fill it with whatever  drink your buying and you can bring the bottle back when done and refill it and just pay the contents price.


There is also a new store called kajies sweets near me ( currently the only one in scotland) which have a smilliar idea but with sweets. Safe to say i used this for all my xmas sweet gifts this year since they have a loyalty card which means you get your 10th refil free. The good thing about kajies is thier all natural floviours and colouribg and most of their options are vegitarian and vegan friendly and gluten free too.


These two stores for me are great zero waste options and though they are a tad more expensive i think they make great gifts.

Other than thatI’ll be giving money to the two children in my family as they already have too many toys and id rather they got somthing they actually want.

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