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New Year, New me

Happy New Year Everyone!

So 2016 has for the most part sucked. It started with the death of three of my most beloved celebs (and has in fact ended as such).  Brexit became a thing,  which has then led to talks of a second independence referendum, a scary thought for an electoral roll who has had several major votes thrust upon us in a rather short space of time, and it was also something we were told was a once in a life time occurrence. I’m  dreading the thought that it may happen twice in my lifetime. I simply can’t process all the political jargon and information. Please stop!

Trump became president? which only furthered my own personal belief that we as a species are genetically programed to fuck things up regardless of our options. I’m also still not convinced he’s not gonna send us all to hell in a hand basket but I will sit in wait before I make a final decision on that one, he might surprise us all? (I’m fairly sure that singular sentence may have just caused me to be publically and violently lynched)

Whilst the American’s got trump we ended up with Teresa May, who I have actually herd someone call her Maggie Thatcher’s Horcrux….I found that funny and slightly terrifying, but again time will tell, and maybe we’ll be surprised.

Aside from all that drama and confusion and terror, my personal life has felt like the emotional version of the titanic sinking. I have not been in a good place. I have lost my passion for my job, with so many changes happening within my working world, and no one seeming to know what the hell they’re doing and others going over peoples heads to get their way. I’m feeling like I am lost in a misty storm of stupidity and those I am meant to be caring for are suffering and there is bugger all I as a little yellow minion can do to change it. I get that my working world has to change, it’s inevitable with the ageing population and the rising cases of dementia, but the sector that is suppose to be providing care, hasn’t adapted to those changes and are shoving people in services that just aren’t equipped to deal with them. It’s heart-breaking and is making me loose faith in the profession I have loved since I was seven years old. Leaving me feeling at a loss of what to do with my life as all I’ve ever wanted to do is care for others and ease suffering. Now I feel like I am part of the problem.

My love life took a serious hit, I moved in, with a man I thought I loved only to find out he wasn’t who I thought he was and that  meant I had to go crawling back to my parents (For a second time) and ask for a place to stay. ( I apparently have really bad taste in men). Meaning that I had to go through the heart break of a break up as well as endure hatred and slander from his friends for my decision to end the relationship a mere three weeks after moving in together, but there are some things that I will not abide by and anyone who expects me to change my values really doesn’t deserve me in the first place.

So yes 2016 has sucked and I have for most of the year felt pretty shit about my life in general. The only plus I would say my life has had this year would be my decision to commit to trying my damned hardest to life a Zero waste lifestyle and try and make this world something worth living on for future generations.

That being said I wish to move forward with my life and this post is about the things I want to change about my life and myself, to make myself happier and get out of the funk I have been in the new year.

Rethinking/Advancing My Career

During the next few months, I am going to be doing some soul searching and researching on  how I can either progress in my career, or change it, to give me back that warm fuzzy feeling I have been missing from my working life, since march when most of the so called changes began and my working life became rather stressful due to what I feel is poor management of a changing client base.

Emergency Fund

I am sick and tired of living hand to mouth, or pay pack to pay pack. I Plan by this time Next year, to have at least £1000 in an emergency fund, so that if anything did go wrong, like the beginning of this year when my car engine exploded…., I would have the money there to deal with it, rather than having to borrow money off my parents to pay the deposit of my new car and spend this year paying them back….. This means, keeping a pretty tight budget and not pulling money back out of my savings as I am prone to doing…. will power be with me!

Car Payments/Help to buy Payments

As with this year, keeping on top of my car payments and putting money away for the final payment which will be paid in three years. I have been doing this, since I got my car so I know this is a fairly easy reselotion to keep. It also means that I wont hopefully baulk when I need to fork out 4 grand for the car.

I also plan to keep putting money aside in my help to buy ISA. It’s about time I started to seriously consider moving out on my own and making my way in the world. And hopefully i’ll stay moved out this time. I feel that this will go a long way to helping me feel better in myself.

Buy Less Stuff

Since I read the magical art of Tidying up and started my Hoarder to Minimalist series, I realised how much stuff I actually had and how much of it I didn’t need or actually want. I realised how I used shopping as a way of making my self feel better when I was feeling down.  Which I reality didn’t actually make me feel any better at all.

So this year I plan to really cut back on my spending and accumulating habits. And actually I am Hoping to go the Entire year with only buying 7 items of clothing. Which I am only buying because they are gaps in my wardrobe. I plan on buying all of these Items of clothing Second hand, from Charity shops or places like Ebay and Facebay.

These Items include :-

  • A Little Black Dress
  • A Summer Day Dress
  • A Summer skirt
  • A Cream Blouse
  •  3 Summer tops

I am hoping that my lack of spending will help me with all my saving goals in the coming year.

Living Experiences

I am also Hoping that this year with my vow to stop spending, what I do spend will be spent  on Experiences and living in the moment instead of buying things to commemorate an experience. I  plan to just fully live in the moment and enjoy it to the best of my ability. Part of this will be to try as many new things as I can and live my life to the full I really believe that this will go a long way to helping me get out of my rut and back to my happy place.

Diet And Exercise

This year I plan to eat healthier and to get more exercise. This year, the stress and the genreal down feeling I’ve been having mean that I’ve put on weight, I am now at my heaviest weight I have ever been i don’t like my body anymore. Up until three years ago I was a very active dancer and was always happy with my body now, i look in the mirror and see someone i don’t recgonise as me and have had enough. I plan to get back into my old dancing habits. Not the dancing it’s self, as work  means i have little time for it, but i want to get back into the habbit of my daily run, my yoga and start doing some muscle training as well.

Drink less coffee

This one is fairly simple. I drink way too much coffee. Like 10+ cups a day too much. And I want to drink less. So we shall see how that goes.


So there you have it, my list of new years reselutions that I really hope I can keep. Some of them I’ll keep progress off here. I hope that the comming year will be better than the last.









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