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Minimalist to Hoarder Series – Part 4 Paper

So Now that the new year is over and I am once again in Bonnie Scotland, I thought I’d continue with my Minimalist to Hoarder Series. However let me tell you, Hogmanay is just not the same in England (Sorry folks), but there’s a lot of scots traditions that you’s just don’t do and my first Hogmanay away from home felt lacking, by comparison to those in my homeland. But now that it’s over with and I am recovered (Mostly) I felt it was time to get back into the swing of things.

This part will Focus on the decluttering of Paper. Now sticking with the Mari Kondo method. She recommends in her book, that You get rid of all paper…I didn’t, I’ve kept a few bits of it. She also recommends that you keep all the papers you do need to keep in two clear folders. I didn’t do that either. Actually, for the most part didn’t really follow Konmari’s method for decluttering this time, as it just didn’t suit, though I did read the part in her book.


I did as per Konmari’s  method with everything, pull all my papers out into one large pile and sort through them.  You can’t really ask if paper sparks joy, so went with the basis, that if it was more than a year old, and wasn’t majorly important like my driving license (Which I’m not even sure you get the paper part anymore, so I probably don’t even need to keep it) or my birth certificate. Then it got chucked.

I was immensely surprised at the amount of paper work I actually had, I guess, because it was for the most part tidied away in a cupboard that’s why I never noticed it multiplying the way It did. As for years, since I took charge of my own paper work, I had simply been putting the new papers in their little compartments in my concertina folder and not actually looking at what was already there.

I mean I actually found my report card from when I was at nursery (among others)….Have I ever looked at it? No, am I likely to look at it again? No ( Though I will admit that it was rather funny to see that the teacher had written ‘Usually seen with a paint brush in her hand’. Not much has changed in 20 years then. Hehe.

So once I had, cleared out all of my papers, the mass which can bee seen below. I put them in to the recycling bin of course. I am convinced I may have been hoarding an entire rain forest in a cupboard with the amount of paperwork I stumbled across.


Now as I said for the most part, I didn’t follow the KonMari method in decluttering paperwork though I could see benefits to her method. She states that having all your papers in one folder means that when you are looking for something you have to pull out the whole pile (Meaning you have to look at everything in the pile, this then means that you are less likely to keep storing those things you no longer need. This makes sense, I just like my concertina folder, I am loth to give it up for anyone. Plus in order for me to adopt KonMari’s two clear folder method, I would have to go out and buy those clear folders. I already have my concertina folder, so why been uneconomical and purchase something new when I can use what I have? Even if the guru herself as a thing against them. (Really read the book , her distaste for the concertina folder is quite comical.) So unless, my wee concertina falls to pieces and can no longer be used, it stays.

I did however adopt the, pending and dealt with part of her method for dealing with papers. She recommends that everyone in the household as a pending and dealt with folder. This should be obvious, in that those papers that need to be dealt with and processed, get put into one folder, where you them set aside time to deal with these. The second folder, is papers that have been dealt with but need to be kept for whatever reason.

I use my good old concertina folder as my processed papers folder and I use this, little wooden post, holder thing that my mum found in the back of a cupboard when she was hiding Christmas presents. She was just going to through it out but I asked if I could have it instead as it would suit my purposes really well (and I saved it from a landfill)

I like this system and have found that, it helps me to keep on top of things, because after teatime each day, (Or Lunch) depending on my shift that day. I sit and sort through the pending holder, which mean I can then jot down on my to do list for my day off if something needs my attention by a certain date Admittedly it hasn’t been done in a fortnight or so as can be seen above but it was Christmas I’m allowed to slip a little right?. since adopting this method, I also find that when I do need to file something in my concertina folders, I quickly flick through the other papers in there to make sure that I still need to keep them all thus keeping my papers to the bare minimum. Who needs clear plastic folders eh?

So there you have it, how to declutter you paper work. I should mention hat after decluttering I also went onto my internet banking and switched all my accounts to paperless so I can eliminate all those bank statements, which should help me with the clutter factor, and save a poor wee tree or too. At least i’d like to think I will anyway!



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