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Sin or Learning curve?

So I made a zero waster sin. I bought a packet of body form pads.


Now let me explain that over the new year period I was once again down south visiting my friend in newcatle. I should also explain that I am on the contraceptive pill. This means I can literally pin my period down to exsact dates over a seven day period.

Since I’ve never had an issue with the intermittent bleeding otherwise known as spotting that some women can get in between periods and that I knew that over my trip  I would still have a week left on my run of pills, I never thought to put my mooncup in my suitcase as there would be no need of it.

This meant that when I got off the train and realised that for the first time in 8 years I was infact  spotting I wondered what i was going to do.

My first thought was to ask my friend to borrow a couple of pads and be done with it. But with her being on the implant and having the fortunate side effect of not getting a period at all, I was left having to think of something else.

I then  had the idea that maybe I could go into the local boots and purchase a second mooncup but by the time my train had gotten into Newcastle on new years eve most shops had shut. That ruled out that idea.



I was left with no choice ( unless I wanted to possibly ruin my friends sheets) but to go into a corner shop and buy a packet of pads. They only had body form and I was loath to pay the £1.49 they cost. I knew before going into the shop that I was more likely to see a flying pig than a packet of cloth or organic cotton sanitary towels but paying £1.49 for the packet seemed a little pricey even buy corner shop standards. (It also made me realise how much I’d saved buy switching to a mooncup).

Not only was the packet of pads £1.49 the smallest packet was 10 pads. Since it was only spotting and not a full period (for which I would have had my moon cup) I only used 2 leaving me with 8 otherwise useless pads. Meaning that I paid a wopping 75p per pad.

I am mad about the entire situation. But mostly I am mad at myself since I feel that I should have been better  prepared. In future I think I will carry somthing with me all the time as a ‘just in case.’ But since I have a real distaste for carrying my moon cup in my hand bag, (Even with its wee linnen bag. I know what goes in and out my hand bag and it doesnt seem hygienic, to do so.) I think I will invest in a set of cloth pads should I have a spotting incident again.

All in all whilst I feel like I have committed a majour sin against my zero waste choices and feel rotten about it. I  am also choosing to see this episode as a learning curve which as taught me that I really should try and be prepared for every situation.

What do you guys think. Sin or learning curve ? And can anyone recomend any cloth pads that are worth purchasing?


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