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A Brown Papered Surprise

So any of you who have read my New Year, New Me, post know that I have made a pledge not to buy clothing this yea , other than the 7 items that I have discussed in my new year post. Thus far I have not actually bought any clothing (Though it’s only been a week). But My mum, being my mum, had wondered around the sales with my aunt and had bought a pile of clothing that she thought I’d like. I was touched by the thought, since my mum is firmly under the impression that I don’t actually own enough clothing. (She’s as far from a minimalist as one can get).

So I looked though the clothing, and Did keep one brown skirt, simply because I had lent my one to a work coullege and 6 months later I have yet to get it back, despite asking. So I figured that that wasn’t really buying clothing but replacing something that should have been in my wardrobe anyway. Also I didn’t actually buy it, so am  I really breaking my vow, or am I just unintentionally finding a loophole?

The rest of the pile of clothing she bought me, either didn’t fit, or I didn’t like it enough to want to keep it, so she returned them, and that was the end of that I thought. Then Yesterday. This little package came.

Safe to say I was very confused. I hadn’t ordered anything from Nomads, I had looked through their Sale items, out of curiosity, but I hadn’t actually ordered anything, or so I’d thought. I checked my bank statement to make sure that I hadn’t been changed for anything, and sure enough, I hadn’t. I just didn’t understand, Had I gotten someone else’s order? I was Hesitant to open it, until my mum came in and smiled and I immediately knew that she had ordered something.

Turns out she had still  wanted to buy me something in the sales, but knowing that I wouldn’t take the money for the returned goods, or likely buy clothing with it myself, she had snuck onto my computer when I was out, and went through my browser history to see what clothing I had been looking at. She then bought some of the things I had been looking at on the site she’d herd me talk about as being ethical. (Go her for actually listening.)

This is what she bought me.

I love the way that nomads package their orders, it’s just a simple brown paper bag which can me composted or recycled with no issues what so ever. The only thing I will say that was a down side to their packaging, was that both the above blouses came in plastic bags, inside the brown paper one, which confused me, since pervious item’s that I’ve bought from them haven’t come in such packaging.

These two blouses are made form 100% Viscose and made with Nomads, strong ethical and fair trade practises. Both can be bought here Purple and White. You can also have a look at their full rage of clothing at

I own a couple item of Nomads clothing and have to say I have never been disappointed. I am surprised and humbled that my mum has bought me these two blouses, I love them both particularly the purple one, Which I wore to a night out last night and everybody commented on it. So I am really pleased with this little surprise that I got!








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