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When Life Gets In The Way

So life lately ha been rather hectic. Works been hectic. Personal life’s been hectic and my little blog has been taking a back seat. That’s not to say they arnt things I’ve wanted to write about in fact there is a long list of them. But I just havnt had the time to sit and write anything, much to my dismay.

But life has calmed down again and I hope to once again get into the swing of writting a blog post every week or so. Well here’s hopeing anyway.

Life really has been so busy lately and yet I have loved every minute of it. A new romance is blooming for me. I went on an amazing trip and things at work whilst hectic and still filled with stress (let’s face it in my line of work there will always be stress). It is actually be comming enjoyable again and I feel like my life is getting back on track.

I even lost half a half astone since the first of January. (And proceeded to put it back on during my trip.) But you know what that okay. Cause I had fun and it was the thing I needed to get me out of my slump.

Of course none of this means that I have stopped being the green girl. Infact it’s strengthened my resolve to try even more to be zero waste And live my life the way i want to without fear of judgment or prosecution.

I’ll have more update in the next few days as to what I’ve been up too.

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