My Experience with Cloth Pads

So during the new year and in my post, Sin or Learning Curve? I mentioned that I had had some unexpected issues, that caused me to have to purchase some disposable sanitary pads, since I had nothing else to help me deal with the issue at the time. Of course this small little thing led to some feeling of self doubt and worry over what I’d done considering the strides I’ve taken to live my life as Zero waste as possible.

This led me to do some research and I make the decision to purchase some cloth pads. Now I am a a faithful Moon Cup User, and have never had an issue with it. I hadn’t really thought about cloth pads, thinking that they would be smelly and gross, and having to explain to my parent’s (Who are already very sceptical of my lifestyle choices)  what they were when washing them, seemed like far to much hassle, and a cup was just easier, if a little trickier to master.

But having experienced, my first bought of spotting, the type of bleeding that my moon cup wouldn’t really help with I realised that I had to have something as a just in case, because whilst I wouldn’t be buying disposable every month, I still didn’t want to contribute to landfill waste if I could help it.

So in January, I purchased, a set of 3 Charlie Banana Pads that came with a wet bag, off of They were something like £13 plus shipping and you can look at the set I bought here, at the time of writing, they also appear to be down in price.


I have to say I enjoyed purchasing from babipur, (This was my first purchase, from them), their site was easy to manage and their delivery was quick, with their delivery price being fairly decent.

Luckily (or not depending on how you look at it) the day after these pads arrived I needed them. Now bareing in mind I was only trying these out to deal with the occasional spotting, and not a full period, so I’ve purposefully only bought pany liners, and I assume that a full period pad will be thicker or something, though don’t quote me on that.

Now, I remember when I used disposable pads, and the itching and irritation would get from them. I have to say Bamboo feels amazing!. The Charlie Banana pads are rather thick, and I worried that they would feel uncomfortable and bulky, but honestly, they feel secure and comfortable. Another worry that I had was that since I work in a hot building and that they were like and fluffy, I would sweat and feel to warm. This I am happy so say, wasn’t the case at all.

My fears about the smell and others smelling an odder from me were also all in my head. After a few minutes I found that I forgot I was even wearing a pad at all. Which was a sharp contrast to the constant itch and readjusting of the disposable ones.

I found that I would put on one on days where I knew, I’d be having a long day as I tend to have a lot more discharge when I’m active, and they have served that purpose as well, even going as far as to get rid of my discharge odder as well as save my underwear.

Washing them also wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be, though that opinion may change if, I ever decide to use them for a full period, but we shall see. My mum even asked me what they were and didn’t give me the scorn I’d expected her too. She was curious as to how they worked, and how I combatted the smell. When I told her there wasn’t one she was as surprised as I had been.

After three weeks, she even went as far to buy me some more, as I had complained about having to wash them every couple of days. The set she bought me were amazon, and had six pads and a wet bag in the set. You can get them here. They cost her around £18, and she apparently chose that set because it came with a wet bag. She thought I could use one to store the dry pads and the other for dirty ones. Which is what I do, incidentally.


These pads unlike the Charlie banana ones, are a dark grey charcoal coloured bamboo, and I have found that they don’t stain quite as much. They are also slightly longer than the CB ones, which is helpful. They are thinner than the CB one’s though, so I’ve found if I’m spotting over night I tend to use the CB ones, during sleeping hours.

The amazon ones of course came packaged in a pile of plastic and they even sent me these little, double sided tape strips to hold the pads in place, I haven’t had to use these, though I have found that the Amazon purchase pads can move more that the Charlie Banana ones, but not so much that they require taping down. I have no idea what i’ll do with the stripes of tape, but being a crafter i’m sure i’ll find some use for them.

I’ve also found the charcoal coloured pads, require less prewashing to eliminate staining but I kind of expected that anyway considering the Charlie Banana ones are white in colour.

All in all I’ve found using the cloth pads over the last six weeks to be a bit of a blessing, and the brightly coloured patterns of the pads make it a bit more fun, that just plain while ‘Cotton’ of the disposable ones. They have become a bit of a fixture in my daily living and now every time I got on a trip and know that I am not going to be on my period, my panty liners are tossed into my case and I will never need to worry about having to buy those uncomfortable disposable liner’s again. Why on earth didn’t I discover and buy these little beauties sooner?

The only down side i’d say to having cloth pads in my handbag is that the wet bag I use for dry pads looks a little like a makeup bag so when your work colleague asked to borrow your nail file and you tell her to get it out your makeup bag and she goes into your pad bag, it makes for a funny end of work day story.

Do any of you have any experience with Cloth pads I’d love to here about them?




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