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Zero waste Commute: Boycotting My Car

Since around December to last year i decided to stop taking my car to work. Now my decision to do this was based more on money saving reasons than Ethical ones.

I work a 15 minute walk from my house yet before December I was taking my car to and from work. Not only was this heart lazy, it’s extremely unethical. I waste more petrol starting and killing my engine than I do during the drive to work. Not only was I wasting money I was thoughtlessly killing the environment.

Yet since not taking my car. Aside from if I was already out prior to my shift, or I knew I was going out after a shift or if I was running really really late. I have been questioned on it. ‘Why aren’t you taking your car?’ ‘What’s wrong with your car?’

Most of these questions ive dodged with simple answers. ‘Because I want to walk.’ Or ‘Nothing’. And most leave it at that.

but their is one colleague that is really getting on my wick. She lives a few door down from me and I used to give her a lift. But since I’ve been walking she’s had to walk or get lifts off of others aside from the odd time I’ve brought my car.

Every night she comes and asked me if ive got my car and when I say know I can here the annoyance in her tone when she says right I’ll find somone to get us a lift.

Usually ill take the lift off the others at their urging but after today I’ll be adamant ill be walking.

I happened to bring my car to work today simple because I didn’t realise I was starting earlier and if I didnt take the car id have been late. I mentioned to her that I had the car and her response was this :

“What’s up with you?”

I explained I was going to be late and she proceeded to ask me why I would want to walk after a backshift when it was dark anway and cold.

What makes walking in the dark diffrent rom walking during the day? I asked her.

And as for the cold it’s Febuary in scotland. Of course it’s cold. Buy a scarf.

Then she started to question how much petrol it took to fill my tank andstating that it couldn’t cost me that much to drive to work.

Honsetly. It hasn’t saved me that much walking to work maybe £10 a month. But its helped me in other ways. It’s reminded me how much I actually like walking.

Her comments today have seriously irked me. Just because she wants a lift all the times. How dare she question me on my lifestyle choices? I wonder how she got on before I started working there or even before I was on the same shift pattern as her.

For a moment, before the anger set in I actually felt guilty for not taking my car and was actually going to state taking it again before I realised that I was letting her more or less manipulate me into making her life eassier.

So no i wont be taking my car. And no i wont be accepting lifts. Because damn it i have principles and damn it i like walking regaurdless of the frikkin weather.

the entire situation has made me realise how dependant people have become or cars. Yes I have a car. Yes it could make my life eassier but I get more pleasure from my 15 minute walk that I do from having to scrape ice of my windscreen for ten minutes to be able to drive my car.

Yes my car gives me the freedom to go places but I refuse to become one of those people who use my car for every little journey. There are plenty of people in this country who can’t afford a car and get by without one. And too many people these days feel that they are entitled to things

Besides all that walking to work costs nothing. Creates no waste and has health benefits for me as I end up exsersise more than I would if I took the car.

It really irkes me how people often forget that their was a time before cars or phones or computers.

And that will now become the reason I will boycott my car when I comes to my work commute. After all these boots were made for walking. I should need to defend myself but today really upset me which was the reason I felt the need to write this ranting post and if anyone agrees with me or thinks I’m out of line feel free to drop me a line.



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