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Taking a Little Notice

So Since I decided I was going to try and live a Zero waste Lifestyle and Limit my environmental impact,I have done so quietly. I never preached to others and unless someone queries or questions why I do something, I don’t really mention it. Unless it’s a particular product that I really love. Like my Lemon Shampoo Bar from Lush. ( I may have converted and aunt and cousin to it on holiday last year.)

However the other week I was going on a night out, I have to say I had a goodtime and I was nice to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen In a while. You know what’s it’s like, life just gets in the way and with different schedules it’s often hard to get everyone out on the same night.

Anyway, One of my friend’s who lives a little further out than the rest of us, didn’t have enough money to get home at the end of the night. So she came back to mine. And as we were getting ready to go to bed we naturally took out makeup off.

One of the first thing I stopped buying when trying to reduce my waste, was make-up wipes, or in my case because they were cheaper, baby wipes, that I used to remove makeup. Now when removing make up I simple your a flannel and soap and some reusable cotton rounds, for things like mascara.

My friend however, carries a pack of makeup wipes in her bag every where she goes. She’s never without them, so when it came to us taking of our makeup that night, I quietly used good old fashioned soap and water and a flannel and she pulled out wipe after wipe.

I didn’t say anything, after all who am I to comment on how other’s live their lives? But when we were done and I had rung out my flannel, and rinsed out my cotton round ready to put in the washing basket, she stopped and looked at the pile of wipes sitting on the window ledge. Her eyes went from the flannel (Neatly folded) on the sink, to the wipes, (there were at least seven).

She them asked me how much I paid for my flannels. I shrugged at her, and told her something in the region of £3 for a pack of two, sometimes more, or less depending. She then walked away muttering simple math under her breath. It didn’t take a genius to figure out she was adding up how much she spent of makeup wipes, in a certain time period.

I smiled to myself, and knowing that she had noticed without me having to say anything, or preach, how much waste she had created just by removing one nights worth of makeup.

I guess the point of this post was to say that, as individuals we choose to live life a certain way, which is fine, each to their own. But I have had people in the past, say to me that when I bring my tea ball and loose tea to work, or when I use my metal water bottle, I’m preaching my way of life to them. I’m not, I’m simply quietly going about my way of life in a way that pleases me and if that makes people, ask question or lie my friend, who has since went out and bought flannels, take notice and make a change then great. I’m happy.




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