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Handy Little Tabs

So, During on of my Hoarder to Minimalist posts I spoke about decluttering Clothes. And whislt I wouldn’t call my self a complete minimalist, I do have the smallest clothing collection in my household (That includes my dad by the way). However I still had issues getting the clothing that hung in my half of the wardrobe out, particularly when all of my winter coats were put in there at the end of last month.

and let me tell you, it’s made for some very irritating getting ready sessions. particularly the 5.30am work starts, where my wardrobe lies adjacent to the wall my parents bed sits on. A lot of shouting and grumbling at me for waking them up. Save to say, I needed a solution. The best one would be to make my mum give me back the other half of my wardrobe, but she has a hoarding problem of her own (Anyone see where I might get that from?), and that was about as likely to happen as me getting accepted to Hogwarts at the age of 24.

So I needed another fix, but there were serval problems :-

  1. My march pay was pretty low on overtime and disposable income was scare.
  2. I didn’t want to get rid of any of my clothing, since to me at least I have as small a wardrobe as I need to function.
  3. I didn’t want to get rid of any of my coats despite it now being spring, some women like shoes or handbags I have a thing for outerwear, so sue me
  4. and lastly I wanted my solution to be as eco friendly as possible.

So where do I got but the big wide wonder web. or more specifically pintrest. Well not really I was actually on there for some craft storage idea for work when this little gem popped up and saved both me and my parents so early morning shouting matches.

The answer to my wardrobe woes? The tabs off of fizzy drinks or beer cans. Not only did this double my wardrobe space, it made everything in my wardrobe so much easier to see and to get out!

And it fit my eco friendly Zero-waste criteria too. My sister is a fizzy drink junkie, and my mum buy 24 pack boxes frequently for her to take to collage, so I simply asked her to snap off the tabs and give me them. once I had enough, I used the over the top of my coat hangers, like so:-

and hey presto, I have a wardrobe that works for me, I get to repurpose something that would otherwise have gone to recycling, or in my parents case landfill most likely, and I didn’t have to spend a penny! and best of all my parents have no longer been woken up by me trying to yank clothing out of an over stuffed wardrobe!

sometimes it really is the most simplest of things that can save the day!

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