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The £10 Challenge

So this year i promised myself that I would only buy seven items of clothing this year. That has sort of went out the window but I have a good reason for this. My friend offered me a challenge and I was desperate to not only prove that it could be done but win myself a free dinner.

To set the scene, at the end of this week I have a night out for  work colleagues birthday. My friend also has a night out, and was bemoaning the fact she only had a tenner spare until payday and nothing to wear. (Honestly I doubted this was true) But I suggested she buy something from a charity shop. My friend doesn’t believe that you can get an entire outfit from a charity shop, never mind and entire wardrobe (Which my own wardrobe is more or less exclusively second hand).

So we bickered a bit over a coffee and she eventually, Challenged me to do just that. Buy an entire outfit for a night out from Charity shops. This included shoes and jewellery. Now I didn’t need, a new outfit for this night out. In fact I hadn’t planned on spending any money on an outfit for this night out, and had planned to just shop my wardrobe as it were. But I like to prove people right, and the challenge was just too fun to pass up.

The catch? I only had £10 which is around $13 for any American readers out there.

Safe to say I took the ten pound note and in true Barney Stinson on style yelled challenge accepted and dragged her (grudgingly) round the charity shops of my hometown.

I’ll admit I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete this challenge, an outfit, as in the cloths, for a tenner, sure easy. A bag to go with it, again fairly easy. Jewellery a little harder considering I’m selective when it comes to jewellery, but I could do it at a push. The sticking point would be the shoes. I’m a size 3 (Which is a European 36 and a U.S 5) are notoriously hard to come buy, on the retail shelves never mind a second hand shop. (Though admittedly I have gotten some lovely second hand shoes in the past).

That being said…..

I did it! Not only did I Do it, I did it with money left over!


My purchases included: 1. A top at £2 ($2.56)

2.  A pair of Jean’s at £1 ( $1.28)

3. A pair of Heals at £3 ($3.85)

4. A Bag at £1 ($1.28)

5. A Necklace At £.1.99 ($2.55)

Total Spend= £8.99 ($ 11.53)


So there you have it, I bought an entire outfit, for under a tenner. Now when I got home and was taking the pictures for this post, I noticed the shirt had a bottom missing, but since I didn’t plan on closing the top button of the shirt and it was there, I simply took the top button off and sewed it down into he missing button hole. Easy fixed!

And the best part about this challenge is that whilst I was hunting for an outfit to complete my challenge, my friend found a dress a £3 and a pair of heals at £3 as an outfit for her own night out, and had to admit that yes, and entire outfit could be found in a charity shop for less than a tenner.

I was rather chuffed with myself, safe to say, and I got that free dinner too!

Charity shops are a great way to breath new life into your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost. They are particularly good if your after a new outfit for a night out, that lets be honest, your probably only going to wear once, maybe twice. So it means that when you’ve worn it you can donate it again and someone else can get the joy out of wearing it! I feel that my friend (Who feels she needs a new outfit for every night out) has learned a valuable lesson in not only being sustainable, but frugal too.






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