Horder to Minimalist

Hoarder to Minimalist Series – Part 5.1 Electrics (Komono)

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, not because I have given up on it, no far from it, I just didn’t feel like writing about it, but now that, things are getting cluttered again and I have been doing a mini-kondo clearing of my room I figured I would get back to this.

For those of you that have been following this series, (Though, it’s been 4 months, so I don’t blame you if you are not still here) then you’ll know that the last Hoarder to Minimalist post ended with Papers. If not, the posts are as follows:

Part 1 – The Phone

Part 2 – Clothing

Part 3 – Books

Part 4 – Paper

The next few sections will pertain to what KonMari call komono or minacious items. Her order and categorising for these items is this:

  • Cd’s/Dvd’s
  • Skincare
  • Make up
  • Valuables
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Household Equipment
  • Kitchen Goods/Food supplies
  • Other

As Usual I didn’t follow everything directly as KonMari suggested just because her order specifically didn’t suit me. For example, I class Cd’s, DVD’s games, and electrical equipment in the same category. Which is what this post is about.


This was my Dvd shelf before, I started the cleaning process:


Yep, it wasn’t even a DVD shelf, my DVDs, cd’s and games were kept under my bed in cardboard boxes that honestly had seen better days, I have forgotten to take a picture of that so you’ll just need to trust me on the fact that it was a pain in the next when it came to trying to get a did to watch, meaning that for the most part I didn’t watch them. Now you would think that would mean that being a minimalist, not using them would mean that I would just get rid of them.

Not true, there were plenty of movies I knew I had that I watched regularly, I would just get annoyed trying to fish the DVD out of whatever box I had it in and end up trailing the internet for a streaming copy. Netflix became my friend in this case for most things, but some of my favourites are not on there, and I refuse to pay for multiple streaming services just for a few movies, that I already own, I’m frugal before anything else.

When starting the cleaning process, I didn’t as KonMari suggests,  and got all my DVD’s out on the bed. (honestly by this point in the cleaning process it’s a fairly natural thing to do)

Now some may think that it’s odd for a DVD case to ‘Spark joy’ But think about it, there are movies and shows you love and go back to time and time again right? Is that not sparking joy?

Those were the first I picked out, mostly my harry potter DVDs, my copy of the labyrinth and the phantom of the opera, my charmed and monarch of the glen DVD’s. (Don’t judge me.) then, it came to sorting out the DVD’s that I liked and rather than them sparking joy, I asked myself wither I would watch them again. If the answer was yes, I looked and Netflix and if I could watch it on there, I it went into the donate pile, if not I kept it.

Then I looked at the alarming number of DVD’s that still had their wrapping on them. I mean wow, I had a lot, those automatically went into the donate pile, since I’d had them for a while and hadn’t bothered with them so really why keep them.

Then I moved onto Cd’s. Yes I still have them, not a lot mind, but I still have them. These were easy to sort as I have something like 15 cd’s, I kept my garth brooks ones, because they once belonged to my dad and he gave me his collection when he realised he had imparted his love of the man onto me. (Yes sentiment, pesky thing that stops me getting rid of things). Ones that I could get via download I did and they went into the donate pile, other’s that I couldn’t I kept. Easy right?

For Games, I kept all of my Ds games since I played them all I simply got rid of the cases for the games as the case I have holds all the cartridges without the need for having the cases empty cases cluttering up the place, and in actual fact my mum found a pretty cool repurpose for these, saving them from landfill too, which is a good thing and helped her with her own organising project. Win/win really! My Ps2 and Xbox games I quickly (I didn’t have a lot to begin with, sorted through the ones that I played and the ones that I’d never touched, if I played them, I kept them, if not they went into the donate pile. I actually cut my game collection in half just by doing that.

This is the finished article, I was rather proud


I was happy that since emptying the shelf of books by decluttering, I had opened up a space in my room for me to properly store my DVD’s/cd’s/Games, where I could see them, meaning (And I can actually say this since it’s been four months since I did this) that I actually use these items a lot more than I previously did, which is Great!

Electrical Appliances/Equitment

Moving onto Electrical Appliances, this was something else I forgot to picture and really I’m not sure I wanted to it was a right mess, you know how everyone had that junk drawer? yea that was the 3 drawers of my bedside table, I’m a bad person, really I am.

I found this was another easy decluttering thing to tackle, Again it had less to do with sparking joy and more to do with practicality. I mean who can say they have a particular love for a cable? okay maybe I had a overwhelming hatred for the tangled mass of them, but joy over a single one? not so much.

I put all electrics on the bed and sorted through them. I first kept the things I used or the things that only fitted a particular thing like my camera, my phone, my tablet, laptop and kindle (and before people tell me that I should just use the kindle app on my tablet,  I don’t like it)

Then I went through all the wires, Spaghetti junction was an understatement, I swear, I had so many wires, and they were all the same! The same connection, The same length, The Same colour why? I mean just why?

Sorting through them, once I had detangled them all. (There may have been a lot of cursing involved) became rather easy as well, I simply sorted them into piles of wires of the same connection, and kept one of each, as well as keeping the wire for my phone and my tablet, meaning that I had three of the one type of wire, which was fine because it meant I had one for my phone which I charge nightly, one for my kindle/tablet which I charge every couple of days and a spare should I need a third of that particular connection. These were all put into a drawer divider that had previously stored socks (I no longer needed it since I now stored them in their own drawer in my bedside table). I also used some elastic bands, that were cluttering the bottom of a drawer to keep the cables from getting tangled, in their new home.

My USB sticks and memory cards which previously, I could never find when I was looking for them, I put into a small oval shaped box I found when I was clearing out what I now affectionately call my Komono drawer, and they are next to my tablet, kindle and camera in a neat little basket my mum gave me.

This is The finished look it’s so much neater, I can find things now!


So there you have it, all in all I found this a particularly easy and practical thing to tackle, there wasn’t much of the ‘Spark joy.’ Method that KonMari uses going on here, and as I said at the beginning I disregarded her order for sorting through the Komono items, but my mind obviously doesn’t work the same way that hers does and this is okay. I mean it wouldn’t do if we were all the same would it? and her suggestions did give me a starting point to work off of.

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