Horder to Minimalist

Hoarder To Minimalist Series Part 5.2 Skincare and Makeup (Komono)

So Here is the next instalment of my Minimalist  to Hoarder series. This part as the Title Suggests, is going to deal with More of the Komono Category, specifically My skincare and Make up. In the interests of being honest I didn’t really get rid of a lot of things for this Category, since I don’t have a lot of makeup, or skincare to begin with, though it is getting smaller as my zero waste journey continues. For this it was more about organising what I Had neatly rather than decluttering though I did get rid of a few things.

First i’ll show you what everything looked liked before I tried the Konmari Method. Even though it was a bit of a fail in this respect since I had a limited amount to begin with. As you can see it was fairly organised to begin with, but I did some rejiggering and got rid of a few things.

As Per the first thing to do is Get everything out in one place. like so:-


For this much like the other sections in the Komono area, I found it hard to get a spark joy sensation from most of the items, so When I came to make up and skin care, I more or less asked myself do I use it? if so do I like the shade? and is it a duplicate?

Now I do have a box where I staff my extras, things like my other bars of soap (Cause either people think I smell or they’ve accepted that I love hand made soap and I always get it for gifts, so much so I get it faster than I can use it), and other stuff that you have kicking about, the spare heads for my tooth brush and the like. So if something was a duplicate I decided wither I would use it enough to keep a second one.

Now for the make up, particularly nail polishes, I bundled them up and took them into work as, we have pampering session with the residents, so they would get used there. As for the rest of the make up and skin care stuff that I decided to get rid of, I posted on Facebook and offered it up to friends if they thought they would use it, as most of it had been unused. I’m really not that much of a girly girl.

So then came time for the Re organisation. This I was quite pleased with Over all. Most things stayed the same, like my spares box and my smaller basket that has my day to day toiletries in it, that I can’t  in the bathroom as the rest of my family have taken up all the storage with their things. (Maybe I should give them the Magical art of tidying and see if I can get some bathroom space?) The main difference with these two baskets was that they were neater and I could fit everything in them now, where as things were sitting in front of the baskets most of the time previously due to lack of room.


The biggest difference for me when sorting through my make up and skincare, was my dressing station. Previously it was crammed with things and I could never find anything, sorting through things and getting rid of even the small amount that I did get rid of, has given this small drawer unit a purpose and a flow.

Now I know exactly were everything is. With the box at the top holing my styling tools, and my everyday makeup. The top drawer holding my wash cloths and cotton rounds, and general skin care. The second drawer holding my hair care products and accessories. The third drawer holding my lesser used make up and tools, and the final drawer holding all my perfume.

I have to say having this flow has made getting ready that much easier and it’s now also easier to clean up and keep everything tidy, which at the heart of this book is what it’s all about. I really have found a difference in this small section of my life and it’s been a really game changer, since I can now have up to half an hour extra in my bed in the morning !




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