Pockito Review

So way back…i can’t actually remeber how long ago. I apprently pleged an ammount on a kickstarter project. (I really ought to keep better track of my spending). Anyway, this Kickstarter project was for an eco friendly reusable Travel cup, that collapsed. I apparently pledged enough money to receive one of these cups. when and if the project was funded.

Honestly I had forgotten about this until the thing arrived a couple of weeks ago. Which is bad for me as I apprently also chose a coulour scheme for it. This I also have no recolection of doing, at all.

But moving on from my clearly seive like brain. The project, as mentioned was for a collapsible, reusable cup. I can see why this project would have appealed to me, as for about a year I have been using a frank green travel mug that I love. but the trouble is its bulky. so unless I know I’m going to have a coffee when I’m out or I’m running late in the morning’s for work, I never take it with me, and if I do go for a coffee I then have to take time out to sit in, to avoid the paper cup, yey.

The Pockito, as this little cup is called. colapses when not in use to a size that’s great for throwing in your bag. Which I thought was great and most likely why I pleged money to the project to begin with.

I have to say when I got home from work the day I got the cup. I was confused, it arrived in a small brown box, Baring in mind I’d forgotten all about this thing, and could not for the life of me remember what I ordered. After opening it and realising what it was I got annoyed. The thing that irked me was that inside this compostable/recyclable box, that was taped with paper tape, was the Styrofoam peanuts…WHY!?!


Now as you’ll see from the pictures below. The packaging on the actual product is very eco friendly. I really don’t get why they had to put it in a box with styrofoam peanuts, it made no sense, and in my mind out done a lot of there work to be I don’t know eco friendly? The mind boggles!

I chose the grape coulour option for my pockito. Which is this lovely pale lilac colour and white. Which i kind of love, it look so pretty!.  It’s made from FDA approved, European-made materials, and it’s Dishwasher safe. and on the Kickstarter page they made a big thing about how eco friendly the pockito really was as well, stating how many disposable cups we human’s use in a year and adding a bit saying that after using the pockito 15 times it’s pays for it’s environmental cost for making it. And it’s can be recycled too when it’s no longer usable.

This was my new toy just out of the packet. As you can see it colapses to a fairly small size making it really good for throwing in your handbag.

My only Grip is that even when folded down, it doesn’t fit in the little pouch that hold my zero waste to go kit. But you can’t have everything. And it dose fit in my handbag without going in my special pouch, I’m just a stickler for my little habits, but I’ll get over it.

I waited a couple of weeks, to write this because I wanted to give this a thourough testing before I posted about it. It’s been on a few outing’s with me now and I have to say for the most part it’s a really good cup and has been one of my newsetr companions when ever I step out the door.

It’s handy, as it’s collapses, which mean’s I can take smaller handbags and still take a coffee cup with me. IT’s pretty coulours and colopablilty are a talking point when i’m waiting in line to get coffee before catching the train into the city. which mean I am more social than I normally would be. (It’s even started a conversation that got me a date).

There are two down sides to this cup, but there minor so I quickly got over them. The middle Lilace band, is the bit that you grip, ad when you are girpping that and it’s full of coffee there is no issue, but your finger’s can move and the white, (What I believe is silicon, but i’m not 100%) doesn’t hold the heat away very wel and can burn your finger’s so you need to be a bit more aware than normal when your holding it. But that’s a learning curve more than anything.

The other downside is that the wite get’s a bit grubby if it’s been in your bag for a few days without being used, it’s a down side of the colour I guess, and at this moment They are only doing the grape coulour with the white body, which is the coulour I wanted, but there are other colours that have a black, or grey body.

I am aware that the coulour choice was mine, but at £16 plus shipping I was going to choose something I liked the look of.

But Aside from those to thing pokito, has more good points to it than bad.

It’s reusable.

It’s colaplasble.

It can be used for hot and cold drink. (Yes I had a milkshake in it)

It can be used in three sizes. The expreso. The grande. and the medio. all from one cup.

They have pretty colour schemes.

And over all, it’s one of the best resuable cups, I’ve come across. The only one that I would say out ranks, the pokito, is my frank green one, and that’s only because it has an anti spill feature. Another thing i like about the pokito is that it fits in my car cup holder unlike my other travel mug.

I ordered mine via the companies kickstarter page but you can now get them on amazon

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