Horder to Minimalist

Hoarder to Minimalist Series Part 5.3 Household Items (KOMONO)

So here is the next in my Hoarder to Minimalist series. I am still focusing on the Komono aspect of Mari Kondo’s book, this time I am focussing on house hold items. By this I mean all my Tupperware, food stuffs and my junk drawer.
I also have a box of household items that I keep in the bottom of my wardrobe. However, I haven’t touched these for this blog post as they are what my mother calls ‘my bottom drawer items’ which basically things I’ve been picking up when they are on sale or when I have a little spare cash for when I move out. Things like kitchen utensils and the like that I don’t actually use, since we have a kitchen full of them, but I will need them when I break out on my own, eventually.

For my household items, I include all the things that are in my tall boy. All my food, my Tupperware and my mugs and glasses and such, that I don’t keep in the kitchen downstairs because, well my family uses them and they get broken or lost or left at someone’s work and I end up with nothing, I mean I pay money for them and when someone breaks one of my pretty glass jars they don’t even think to replace them! the cheek!. This also includes my other house hold things, like medication and batteries and other random things, that sort of just lurk about but frequently end up being useful, like those little screwdrivers you get in Christmas crackers, those are extremely useful when you wear glasses!.

As you can see from the picture’s it’s fairly organised already since I need access to everything and need to find things easily, as I use it on an almost daily basis.

Now when I was going through it all, I got rid of a lot of novelty mugs and glasses that I had accumulated over the years, that I either didn’t like anymore or found difficult to drink out of. Those types of things, I donated to charity shops, since there was nothing actually wrong with them. and a few of them I took into my work to use in the staff room, since you can never get a mug in there for love nor money ( mean that literally I bought a few of them that have now mysteriously vanished. This meant that in doing my clear out I saved things from the rubbish heap. But I didn’t actually do a lot of decluttering for this part on the declutter marathon. I didn’t actually need too, this was more of a reorganisation, of what was already there, to make this easier to find.

However for the things I did clear out I continued to use the ‘do I need this/Use this/dose it spark joy method which has worked well for me thus far on this decluttering journey.

As Previously said there wasn’t much to be done in this particular section, mostly for the fact that I don’t have a massive amount of household item to begin with. I live with my parents at present, so I more or less live in one room with limited space, I think if I had had an entire kitchen and living room to clear out I would have felt like I’d achieved a lot more for this little part of Komono. For example when it came to my ‘Junk/useful household crap’ drawer all I did was toss out of date medication, and candles out, and tie up most of the cables, I also put my spare batteries into an old mint tin, so that I could store them better in their little compartment. As shown in the pictures below.


The drawer dividers I got from Ikea ages ago and they actually help to separate the things in that drawer, into the different ‘categories.’ for me these are medication/health supplies. Tools, such as picture hanging kits and lighters and the like. Wires and cables, and lastly candles/wax melts. There are a few other things in there like my suit holder and my spare winter gloves and gel shoe inserts, that just kind of slot into the side, but I always know where they are, so there they shall stay.

The cupboard part of the tallboy where I keep all my mugs/glasses, Tupperware and food, was a little harder to try and organise there is so much stuff in there(most of it glass, that when I’m getting ready for work, it’s an awful racket trying to pull things out. I spent a good 40 minutes trying to rearrange it in different ways that would minimise the amount of shuffling about needed to access things to no avail, until my mother came to the rescue. she’d been at Ikea the week before and bought these Variera, shelf things. That you put in your cupboard and allows you to use the previously unused vertical space. She’d bought a couple more than she needed and couldn’t be bothered to go and return them so asked if I could use them.

These little metal shelves helped me out massively and made what I though was a whole lot of stuff, look like nothing. It also meant that I was able to now minimise the amount of shuffling I’ll need to do in that cupboard. meaning my poor folks won’t be woken up at half 5 in the morning when I’m preparing for work and trying to put nuts into a tin.


All in all despite the fact that I feel like I’ve done very little in this section of my life, the little I have done has made a huge difference to my daily living. It like a lot of things in this decluttering journey has help to stop a lot of the petty arguments my folks and I have been having and means that my family life has been getting better as well as my day to day life. who new a little organisation could repair relationships?

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