Horder to Minimalist

Hoarder To Minimalist Series 5.4 Hobbies (Komono)

So here we are, once again it’s time for me to do another of these Mari-kondo cleaning posts. I swear that by the time I actually getting round to writing the section post I actually need to re do the section, though admittedly it’s never as bad as it was originally. This next section really only pertains to people if they have hobbies, that require a lot of equipment. For me that’s crafting and art. I have a lot of supplies for both of these hobbies and they have in the past taken up so much space that I’ve not been able to move.

I Am however lucky That I am no where near as bad as my mother, You should see our house there is crafting supplies in every room apart from the bathroom, and that’s not even an over exaggeration, it’ really that bad, I’d hate to think about how much money is stored in our house with all of her machines and dies and things alone, never mind all the paper and embellishments she’s collected over the years.

So for this post I am actually unable to show you any before picture’s because before starting my decluttering process I actually went from everything being stored in boxes and storage bins, to buying a desk and drawer storage things to keep it in. So I don’t actually have any before pictures, since when it came to sorting things out it was more transferring things form the boxes into the New drawers which I wither got gifted to me by an aunt or purchased in a second hand shop. The desk it self was bought brand new from Argos as a gift by my parents so whilst pit wasn’t as Zero as I’d like it to be but I’m hardly going to turn down the thoughtful gift from my parents.

That being said I rather like my new desk and it makes everything look so much neater than the piles of boxes and bags that used to sit beneath my shelving unit. I also like that this desk fits perfectly into the an clove which just makes the area look like a little office that’s been built into my bedroom.



The top of my desk I like to keep fairly clutter free, keeping only my glass mat (Used to keep my desk paint free when I’m working), my laptop stand and my laptop (When it’s not on my lap as I lie in bed.) I keep two pots atop my desk, the wooden one is filled with all my fine line, pen and sketching pencils, the thing I use most. The metal one keeps a couple of water colour brushes, my jewellery tool and some other painting tools that I use for various things depending on what I’m doing. The last thing on my desk is a picture of myself and my gran that I like to have with me when I work since my gran was always my biggest fan and best critique. My headphones also usually sit on my desk, but they get moved tot he small shelf below when I’m working.

Above where the desk now sits, is a shelf That used to hold all my cookery and crochet books. But when I cleared out my book shelves and discovered that I now only had enough books to fill one bookshelf. I wondered what I could but on the shelves.


But the free space now meant that I could get rid of some of the cardboard boxes that held all of my crochet patterns and all of my sketch pads and the like. I purchased two metal file holders, and filled one with all of my stretch pads, and the few adult colouring and drawing guides that I own. The other I filled with my Japanese water colours, my stencil (Grouped neatly in an old plastic popper file) and my stamps,( also grouped in a plastic file, that I was loath to throw away if I could find a use for it.) The rest of the things on this shelf are the two note books I use to take notes for my training course in work, a pencil cases with all the pens I own in it and the kindle/book stand my mother made me for when I read for hours on end.

Underneath my desk, is two drawer towers. The plastic one, which I’m not fond of but will use in lieu of nothing else being available to me, was given to me by an aunt who was getting rid of it. It fits underneath the small shelf the desk has and The other tower was a leatherette piece that I found in a charity shop, and thought it would fit under it.


I’ll be honest and say that these drawers are by no means perfect and when I came to moving thing from the boxes to the drawers I did get rid of an awful lot. Giving a lot of my unwanted thing to the care home in which I work, since they are always looking for art and crafts thing for the residents. Whilst sorting out my crafting things I was trying to be conscious of Mari Kondo’s spark joy advise, but as with a lot of the Komono items I found this rather difficult. For a lot of my pairing down, I used the do I use this? Do I need it? do I have more than one of it? (you’d be surprised how often I had to ask this.)

That being said there were time where things did park joy. My Japanese water colour set for example made me smile as I put it in it’s new home because they are a joy to paint with. My smock, which is one of my dad’s old shirt, now so covered in blobs of mutli coloured paint, made me smile as well, simply because it reminded me of all the hours I’d spent painting in it.

As I have said previously These drawers are not tidied to Mari kondo standard but they are tidied or grouped in a way that makes sense to me allowing me to find what I need when I need it without much hassle depending on what I am doing.

The plastic drawers are as pictured, filled with small tools and aids in the first drawer. The second drawer hold all of my card and spare paper that I use for card making. and the third holds all my paints, acrylic, marbling, and water colour pigments.


The brown drawers are similarly sorted with the top drawer holding my larger tools, my heat and glue guns, my smock, and my paint brushes and light box. The second drawer down holds all my MDF items that I use for deco patch, and some painting bored that were small enough to keep in there. The third drawer now holds, all of my card making embellishments and paper, as well as my ribbons. And the last drawer holds all of my jewellery making equipment.


All in all I rather like how the new layout is and it’s easy to find things when I need it. Sure the drawers aren’t perfect but their good enough for me and really that the main thing when it comes to cleaning. decluttering and reorganising, is finding a way that works for you.

My other hobby, is crocheting. I’ve already mentioned that my patterns are now kept on a shelf above my desk, but the wool which was always kept in a bin bag, ha now been kept in an old shoe holder that I managed to clear when I was clearing my clothes out all those months ago. I used the sections in the shoe holder to organise the wool by colours. I hang this shoe holder in the side of my wardrobe that I don’t actually use it to hang any clothing (My mother stores her occasional dresses here as well). This half of the wardrobe also hold all my household items that I have been given or have purchased for when I move out this area is mostly my ‘Bottom drawer.’ if you will. I also keep my large bag of stuffing in here out of site where it doesn’t look so messy.

And lastly whatever current project I’m working on as well as all my crochet hooks, are kept in my knitting bag, which usually sits in a small gap between my bed and my bedside table.

So there you are my organisation of my hobby supplies. I wouldn’t at that I have gone minimalist in this area of my life, since I do paint and crochet often as it’s how I amuse myself rather than vegetating in front of the television. which mean that I get a lot of hours of entertainment out of my supplies, but that having been said the experience of finally having a desk and having somewhere proper to store all of this stuff has made me feel like I have less stuff even if I didn’t actually get rid of a lot of thing during the process.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and continue to read my updates, on my konmari journey.  and I hope that these post have given you a bit on inspiration.










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