Horder to Minimalist

Minimalist to Hoarder Series Part 5.5 Accessories and Valuables (Komono)

Hi Guys, it’s me again back with another of my Hoarder to Minimalist Series Posts. I feel like this is all I’ve been doing recently, but honestly I’ve been so busy lately that I barely have time to think of the things I want to write about never mind write about them! At least with this little series I know where I’m going with it and what’s coming next.

This time we are talking about Accessories! What girl doesn’t love some of those? Now in Mari-Kondo’s book, she doesn’t really explain what she mean by accessories. So I took it to mean things like handbags, shoes, scarfs belts hats and of course Jewellery (Of which I have rather a lot). So That’s what I’ll Focus on today, though I wouldn’t be all that bothered if accessories mean’s something different to you than it does to me. Just you do you and be proud of it.

I know that some people Might remember I included shoes in the wardrobe part of this series, How ever I have a problem, not with buying shoes, well yea I do, but that’s not the heart of the problem, the heart of the problem is that I buy shoes cause I like them and I need a new pair of say brown heals, only to get them home and realise that I either can’t walk in them or that they are so uncomfortable that I do myself a serious injury. (Don’t ask bout last Saturday, let’s just say I still wince when I take a step). So yes I am going to go through my shoes again and get rid of those shoes that quite literally want to kill me, for the purposes of this post (And my safety) .

I first started with my bags. Which live, underneath my clothing in my wardrobe. I like to think that I don’t have a lot of handbags, but actually when I looked at them I realised that yea I do…. I simply don’t use them very often….Go figure.

They currently live in the bottom of my wardrobe stuffed inside eachother and all tangled like this… I suppose on the surface it would appear to be somewhat organised and space saving, And in actual fact I recall a paragraph in the magical art of tidying up where Kon-mari herself states that this is how she stores her bags. but no it dose not work for me, so I came up with something else.

This makes It difficult and annoying to actually get to any of them, most likely why I don’t use any of them very often….bad little me. All in all I counted 13 bags, half of them I had quite forgotten I had owned.


I also found a key chain that a friend got me on a day trip that I thought I had lost so I was already really pleased with this little declutter!

Anyway after doing the usual (You’ll be bored of me saying this by now), pulling out all my bags and putting them in one place I went through them all and only kept the ones that sparked joy. Three I kept due to necessity, like my ‘interview bag’ and the bag I use for work. The rest I kept simply because I liked them and I use them, particularly when I’m on holiday or on a night out. I also kept the 2 clutch bags I’d forgotten I’d owned simply because in the coming year I know I have three weddings coming up and in the interest of being zero waste, I’ll keep then and use them then rather than buying something new or trying to find it second hand, or borrow one nearer the time.

I did however find that the few bags I did get rid of, allowed me to see most of the bags much better in the small space I had to store them in. As can be seen below. The large black ‘Interview bag’ now hold only the couple of clutches and one ‘Going out bag’ I want to keep good, that I don’t use all that often so don’t need instant access to, however I will now know that my going out bags are in the interview bag should I need them. The Rest of the bags I can now neatly line up next to each other with the straps tucked inside, so I can see them and slide them out whenever I decide I want to use them. I’m hoping this will work better for me, since I’ll be able to then match my bag to my outfit for the day. All in all I think I’ve managed a system that will work much better for me.


Next on the list of accessories. I my scarfs and belts, I didn’t actually do much of anything here, except re order them from heavy to light so that I could see them better, and moved my thicker belts onto the holder so that everything was together. I didn’t do any decluttering here since I knew I already had all the scarfs and belts that I needed and or liked.

This was my scarfs and belts before.

And this was it after.


I know it doesn’t look better, but this way was actually more space saving and it meant that I could hand all my scarfs and belts on the hanger and just pull it out from the space in the wardrobe, leaving my hook free to hang any outfits that I need for the next day. it’s also meant that all  in all the room looked neater since the accessory hanger is no longer hanging outside my wardrobe. Some people may argue that having such a bulky thing ion my wardrobe means I have less space for clothing. but since I don’t actually have a lot of clothing to begin with it’s not a real issue for me anyway. . That ad I’d rather the room as a whole look neat at the end of the day.

My shoes were so much fun to do! I had no idea how gratifying it would be to get rid of some of those death traps! For this I went full kon-mari and kept only those that sparked joy.

I the end I was able to discard 9 pairs of killer heals and 6 pairs of flats that if I’m being honest were little more than threads at this point and I was keeping for what reason I don’t know cause they weren’t even shoes anymore. I didn’t get rid of any of my trainers or boots, though I do plan of discarding two pairs of boots that are uncomfortable but wearable as soon as I find replacement pairs for them that are comfortable to wear.


Now we get to the part where I know I have a serious problem. No really I think I’m Part magpie, anything shiny I wanna by it. Jewellery is the one thing I can’t help but buy. They say every girl has something they are just drawn to, for some it’s bags or shoes or even lipsticks, for me it’s jewellery. I rarely wear the same pieces or combination for more than one day and I get a little thrill every morning when I open up my jewellery box to select things in the morning.

Now for Jewellery I use a stacker jewellery box that was given to me for my 21st and admittedly been added to in the four years since. I know that this system isn’t remotely ethical in anyway, but it’s is one that suits my needs and allows me to be as organised as possible in my magpie habits. As I can add more trays to it should I need to though I am trying to avoid doing so.

SO safe to say I didn’t actually get rid of a lot of jewellery. Well not buy the looks of things any way. but I did get rid of a lot of costume jewellery. I got rid of a lot of the cheep things that had discoloured or had bits missing and really only kept the expensive, or unique stuff that I know I wear frequently. There still a lot of it though. But that’s okay because I use it and I enjoy those pieces eve in their great quantity. So I am still following Kon-mari’s advice. As she also states in her book that you declutter until the amount of stuff you have feels right for you, and in terms of my jewellery, it might not be minimalistic but it is the right amount for me.

You’ll see in one of the pictures that there is a pile of black jewellery boxes sitting in a pile. These do not go in my stackers jewellery box as these are expensive sets that I want to keep good and in their boxes should I every wish to sell them. one is also my grandmother’s pearls which I also want to keep good and untangled.

And the last bit in this post which is beginning to get a bit long, or is that just me because I’m typing it? Is a small note on valuables. In the book kon-mari once again doesn’t explain what this means for me my jewellery collection is part of my valuables, as well as things like my passport and birth certificate. Some of the thing I consider valuables I also consider paperwork or accessories so I’ve already sorted though them and discarded what I need to. However if you have anything else that you consider as valuables i’d sort through them now since that’s the order she suggested in her book.







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