DIY- Earphone Holder

So I wasn’t actually planning on doing this post but, this week I realised that once again my earphones had broken, and I was unable to fix them. Now I use earphones all the time when I’m out and about because my head phone press into my glasses and if I wear them for more than half an hour it becomes uncomfortable for me.

However since trying to be more eco conscious and transitioning into a Zero waste type living situation. I’ve become more aware of just how many pairs of earphones I make my way through, in a few months never mind a year or two. It seems that no matter what I do with them, putting them in my pocket, wrapping them round my phone, or whatever else, they always end up tangled and inevitably wind up broken, and thrown in the bin, where they no doubt end up in a landfill, which isn’t great really.

So I was watching a video on YouTube, one of those what’s in my bag video’s that I usually wind up watching at 3am when I can’t sleep. and in this particular video (That I honestly can’t remember who made, if I did I would give you credit so I apologise.)The woman in question mentioned that the pair of earphones she kept in her bag she’d had for years. She attributed this longevity to keeping the earphones in a case when not in use.

So keen to try out this technique and see if it actually improved the lifespan of my poor wee earphone. So I was looking for a earphone case online that was made ethically and as zero waste as possible when I suddenly stopped and thought why am I looking to buy something, that I could make myself, for free with materials I already have?

So out came the crochet hooks and the wool and I got to designing a small pouch to hold my earphones. All in all I rather like the way it came out and I thought I would share the pattern with you, in case you wanted to give it ago yourself. Now my particular pattern was designed for ear phone but you could make it bigger to make a bigger pouch, for money or gift card or whatever, it really is a cute wee holder if I do say so myself.


Now I used wool that I had in my stash, which isn’t eco friendly, but in my time trying to be zero waste I’ve found it’s far better to use up or re use what you already have than buying something new to be eco friendly because then your not actually being eco friendly because you’ll no doubt throw away the unethical thing you had to begin with rather than use it. So if you are going to make this, use what you have lying around, or if you want you can buy organic cotton, or wool or whatever your choice.

please bare in mind this pattern is written in British terminology I have were possible tried to explain any American differences. Apologies if I miss some. 


What You’ll Need

  • Wool/Cotton to crochet with
  • A crochet hook I used a 4mm hook (US size 6 I believe.), but you use whatever crochet hook size you feel is best for the wool you are using.
  • A button.
  • A darning needle.
  • Some pins.


  • Stich – st
  • slip stich –sl st.
  • Chain – ch
  • double chrochet (US single crochet) – dc
  • Double chrochet 2 stiches together- dc2tog


Foundation Row – Make a slip knot and ch11.

Row 1 –  In 2nd ch from hook 1dc. Then 1dc in the next 9st. Ch1 and Turn.
Rows 2 – 25 – 1dc in the next 10st. Ch1 and Turn at the end of each row. (10st. in row)

Row 26 – 1dc in the next st. dc2tog. 1dc in the next 4st. dc2tog. 1dc in next st. (8st in row.) ch1 and turn.

Row 27 – 1dc in next 2st. dc2tog twice. 1dc in the next 2st. (6st in Row). Ch1 and turn.

At this point, I would advise pinning on you button. Form mine I pinned the button on between Rows 6 and 7 and stiches 5 and 6. 

Row 28 – (This is the row where you make your button hole so the number of stiches you skip and the number of chains you do will vary depending on your button size.) 1dc in the next 2st. Ch1 miss 2st, 1dc in the next 2st. ch1 and turn. (5st in Row)

Here I Advise just sewing on you button, once you happy with the button hole. Or you can leave it pinned on and sew it on before you sew up the sides.

Row 29 – dc2tog. 1dc in next st. dc2tog. ch1 and turn. (3st in Row.)

Row 30 – sl st, in each of the 3st. fasten off.

Now sew in your tails, before pinning the pouch together. When pinning together I made sure that the foundation row matched up with the 2oth row. Then sew up your sides and your done.

There you have it a nice wee easy, pouch for your earphones that didn’t cost me any money, meant I could use up some spare wool and only took me a little over an hour to do. all in all it was a fun way to spend an afternoon and I can say it has made storing my earphone in my bag a lot easier. I can find them when I need them for a start, wither or not it will improve their life span like I intended remains to be seen but I will update this post in a couple of months to let you know if I still have the same pair of earphones.

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