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My Life has been Flipped upside Down

So its been a while since my last post. And id like to appologise for that. However I have a very good reason for this. Actually I have two.

Many of you who follow this blog may remeber that at the start of the year when i wrote my post on my new years resoultions. I’d vowed to get out of my job and find a new one since I was becomming unhappy with my current one as I kept going for a promotion and was being turned down. I was becoming tired with the routine and around 4 months ago decided to apply for a job outwith my current company. I went for the interveiw and came out feeling pretty good about it. Thinking that if nothing else the good interveiw would be a confidance boost for me even if i didn’t get the job.

Turns out I got the job. I was exstatic and excited to start my new venture. Now 6 weeks in and whilst I am enjoying the greater responiabilty that the promoted role has given me I am not enjoying the fact that the post I accepted is night shift. I had at the time of accepting the job thought that i would be able to handle nightshift but the rota is not kind and i have been stuggling. I havn’t slept more than an hour or 2 in a 24hr period in 6 weeks and I have had a near constant headache since i started this new job. I have been crying at a drop of a hat and genrally been pretty missrable with myself despite loving the new job and the enviroment I now work in. At one point I even felt worse in the new job than I did in the old one. And due to being so sleep deprived and in pain i actually burst into tear whilst on shift a week ago which is very unlike me. So being the reasonable person I am, I spoke to my boss explaining my situation and my desire the continue to work for the company, but that I was feeling that the opertunity and the job were not worth my health suffering and that nightshift just wasnt for me ( and lets be honest it isnt for everyone. I can now say i have a greater respect for those that can do it.). My boss was understanding and asked that I attept to see the month out before i made a decision on what to do.  In that time a day shift post became avaliable and it was offered to me. I greatfully accepted it knowing that I would at last be happy with my job when I was in a promoted post and working days. So come the new year I  will have fufilled my new years reseution for this year of finding a job I am happy in.

The second thing that has kept me from writting on this blog, is that my parents came into some money and decided that they would help me by giving me the money for a deposit on my first flat. So we got the ball rolling and within a week I’d placed an offer on a flat whcih was accepted. Now this all happened in the same week as I started my new job! Safe to say I was extreemly stressed and believe that the stress in part contributed to my low mood. I have mow moved into my new flat and for the last 2 weeks I have had no Internet. (Which if im being honest was actually quite theraputic and allowed me to detress and disconect for a little while.)

I have however now been reconnected to the matrix and I hope to be making a few more up dates.

The last six weeks have been an extreem whirlwind and my has xhnaged so much. But despite all the stress and the dip in my health with starting this new job I genuinly believe that all the stress and fretting over the last month and a half has been for the best and even though my life has done a 180. I niw feel that it is now slowly on the right track and that i can finally strat luving my life to its fullest.

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