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Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas

So it’s that time or year, like really that time of year again. and I’ve gotten to this little bit later than I’d planned. but with buying things for the house my own Christmas shopping was a little later than planned. If anything it’ll maybe give you some ideas for next year or for start of the year birthdays.

I’d also like to Add that this post is in no way sponsored by any company or website. This is just to give folk some inspiration!

For Her

  1. Ethical PJs

I bought these PJ bottoms and an organic cotton top from for my sister. I have to say they are gorgeous I will definitely be buying myself a pair of these in the new year when I have some spare cash! I actually very nearly kept them for myself.

2. Jewellery


I loved this necklace that I saw on So much that I had to buy it for my mum it was just her style.


3.  Skin Care Products

This year (Like every year) I took a trip to enjoy the Edinburgh Chistmas Market and stubled across the The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company. They have some really pretty smelling skincare products for my aunt I got her one of their gift sets. which consisted of

-Luxury No.1 Hand Cream (min 45g)

-Lavender and Frankincense Anti-Ageing formulae (100ml)

-1 x cold processed soap (min 85g)

-Geranium and Sweet Orange Luxury Lip Balm (15g)


The good thing about this was a could buy the gifts set and split it to make 2 gifts!


For Him 

  1. Luxury After shave Balm

I’ll stick with The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company for this next one and offer up something for the guys in your life. At the stall in the Christmas market this stuff smelled amazing and I couldn’t resist buying this for my friend, it comes in a metal tin and is 100% natural what more can I say?


2. A Merino Wool Jumper


I bought this jumper for my dad this year from Rapanui Clothing. It’s beautifully made and so soft, I’m sure my wee Daddy is going to love it!

3. An Ethical Scarf


So my boyfriend (a newish thing.) Dose not own a scarf. So what better thing to get him that an ethically made scarf from From The Sorce. I loved the pattern of this one and thought that the colours would not only suit him but go with lot of things since we live in Scotland and it’s usually cold!

The Kids and Teens

  1. Snack and Sandwich Bags


So One of my Niece’s has just started to want to take packed lunches to School this year, sinc she started learning about healthy eating and I thought why not get her something that she can use. So I chose these Sandwich and snack bags. They are really good for school and going out and about and they are reusable. The ones pictured are from

2. Ragdoll



I found this cute little Ragdoll on I don’t have any kids in my family that are young enough to appreciate this but I saw it and thought it was adorable and made me wish I had someone to give something like this too.

3. Voucher For Quad biking

Woodland Quad trek at Adrenalin Jungle (2)

Now what do you get a teenage boy for Christmas? Me I chose to get a Groupon voucher so the boy could go quad biking. It’s an experience he’ll enjoy and I get to take him away from his parents for a day which will make me the cool aunt.


Secret Santa Gifts

Got Secret Santa to do this year and want to do it ethically? Here’s some ideas.

  1. Bamboo Socks


Nothing Beats a pair of socks for Christmas, Dumbledore would agree!. So this year for my secret Santa I bought my colleague a pair of bamboo socks from Thought Clothing , though I purchased mine from Green

2. Handmade Soap



I bought this handmade soap by Dalit but again I purchased it from

3. Soywax Candle


What better gift than an eco friendly candle? The one pictured is a park minister candle in a tin, in orange blossom. Which you can get Here or Here from the Parkminsiter website. I haven’t actually bought this particular brand of candle myself since I usually by from a woman in Glasgow with a Facebook shop called Little Freckles. but I wanted to have a pretty picture for you guys so you get two options for this one!

Well There you have it. My suggestions for an ethical Christmas. As always in the interests of keeping things as zero waste as possible. Try going for vouchers for a day out or a concert that they’d really like. or even try making something yourself. I always try to make or buy each person on my list one thing that they would either really like or that they really want or need. I don’t bulk by my gifts since it’s the thought not the gift that counts.

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