Appologies Fair Readers

Hello all.

I know ive been away for a few months and i like to say sorry for that. As those of you who read this blog will know that at the end of last year alot changed in my life with a new job and moving out of my parents house all at the one time.

The new job involved me taking on a night shift post which i thought would be better for me. Turns out that nightahift work isnt for me and cause some issues for my physical and mental health. There was a rather worrying point where i had lost 2 and a half stone in the space of three months.

Added to this was the culture shock of m9ving out of a house where there was always life into a new flat on my own. Lack of sleep food and people to talk to made me hit rock bottom. I didnt want to see anyone i didnt want to do anything and i was basically a zombie for almost 4 months.

Even after my new employers moved me onto day shift it took me a while to come back to my old self. It took a a good month for me to start eating properly again and to get back to wanting to be around people again.

Im not ashamed to say that i was in a fairly datk place because i think that mental health is a serverly under talked about issue and whilst i genrelly have good mental health i can take massive dips like the one that started in november and started to end at the end of feburary. During these times i genuinly stop caring about everything. I had even stopped trying to reduce my waste.  Which is why i havent posted on this blog since december. I am ashamed that i created alot of waste in my what i call ‘dark spot’ but all i can say to my self is im sorry and i will endever to do my best now that i am back to my old self again. And to you dear readers i am sorry and hope that i still have readers.


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